Chanel Men's Allure Eau de Toilette

Chanel Men’s Allure Eau de Toilette

The innate elegance of Chanel men

The innate elegance of Chanel men

If Chanel has always made sure to offer its customers the most beautiful clothes sewn using the best materials on the planet and exceptional know-how, the Allure is something very different. The Allure of a man is not won but is given to him naturally. It can be guessed and does not appear. It is undoubtedly an incredible asset of seduction and sticking to the skin of charismatic men. Thus, some gentlemen only look great when they wear a tuxedo. Others, on the other hand, are just as stylish when they’re just dressed in jeans. Allure is something personal and yet, Chanel has made it a universal fragrance. Allure Homme is a juice intended for the entire male population. It is both novel and universal, s’ inspiring men who have lived through the existence of Coco Chanel: Étienne Balsan, Boy Capel, the Duke of Westminster, Cocteau… It is a bit of all this class that is contained in the Allure Homme perfume . This one sounds like being obvious, at the same time natural, devoid of pretenses, particularly elegant.

The fresh sensuality of Allure Homme perfume

Allure Homme is a juice synonymous with accomplishment. It begins with an invigorating freshness indicating all the dynamism of the man who wears it. This one is sewn from tangerine from Sicily, bergamot from Calabria and coriander from the Caucasus. Allure Homme is an airy and powerful fragrance. He instinctively instills a feeling of freedom before moving towards more impertinence. Its masculine ardor is offered to us via an accord of pink pepper from Madagascar. Then, Allure Homme gradually evolves towards a more woody and manly base. This comes to life in the alliance of Atlas cedar wood and vetiver. Finally, Allure Homme ends with more smoothness. Venezuelan tonka bean and labdanum make it a tender and particularly comforting juice. Everything is contained in a very sober bottle. It has a square shape and a solid seat. It is ideally designed for a man’s hand and is topped with a champagne-colored metallic cap. The name of Chanel then breaks its clarity with its dark taupe color. Everything is both manly and neutral… It simply has allure!

“Allure Homme” is a very charismatic composition. Released in 1999, “Allure Homme” follows “Allure Femme” released 3 years earlier. “Allure Homme” is a balanced, contemporary and harmonious essence. “Allure Homme” represents all the strength of a man of timeless elegance. Produced by Jacques Polge, the composition of “Allure Homme” is a fresh and sensual balance with woody-spicy notes. Look was important to Gabrielle Chanel, she defined it as “Something indefinable that we have or that we don’t have, but which makes all the difference”.

Jacques Polge, the composer of Allure Homme

Different from fashion and charisma, allure is indeed something indefinable. After the success of “Allure Femme”, the one who was Chanel’s official perfumer for more than 30 years decided to propose his alter ego with “Allure Homme”. This fragrance will also be available later with the “Allure Homme Sport” range. Jacques Polge joined the Chanel house in 1978 and succeeded Henri Robert, the father of “N ° 19”. This is the brand’s third nose. Jacques Polge likes to explore and merge noble and sensual materials. Jacques Polge knew how to perpetuate the style and values ​​of the house of Chanel while modernizing it. In 2013, Jacques Polge retired, giving way to his son, Olivier Polge, just as talented as him. We owe to Jacques Polge magnificent essences, such as “N ° 19 Poudré, Coco Noir, Coco Mademoiselle“.

The harmony of the 4 facets of Allure Homme

Jacques Polge a therefore chose to build the composition of “Allure Homme” around 4 facets which are expressed in turn, namely the green facet, the spicy facet, the woody facet and the soft facet. The balance of these 4 facets is absolutely perfect. “Allure Homme” begins with ultra-fresh notes of lemon and mandarin associated with the velvety sweetness of peach. The heart is very floral for a masculine scent, as it combines freesia, rose, jasmine and geranium. These floral tones are enhanced by black pepper from Madagascar and also by coriander. Finally, the base takes us to a sensual and enveloping, woody and virile trail thanks to the presence of tonka bean from Venezuela, labdanum, vanilla, vetiver and cedar.

Sober and refined, the bottle of “Allure Homme” is in total adequacy with its composition. Allure, an attitude dear to Mademoiselle, is now highlighted thanks to “Allure Homme”, the male namesake of “Allure”, the feminine perfume, released 3 years earlier.


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