Christian Dior Precious Elixir Oud Extract

Christian Dior Precious Elixir Oud Extract

Oud Precious Elixir Private Collection Dior

In order to further magnify this art of olfactory beauty, the perfumer has chosen to compose four elixirs that will match wonderfully with the wakes of the Private Collection bottles to make them unique fragrances. Oud Precious Elixir is certainly the most powerful of them, what secrets does it hold for us?

Oud Precious Elixir to leave in the air its unique scent signed Dior

François Demachy joined the Dior house in 2006. Since then he has been able to combine his love for natural raw materials with original and innovative scented compositions. Yet the master perfumer also likes to revisit the great classics of perfumery in order to make them more current than ever. And it is precisely in this approach that François Demachy enrolled with the Precious Elixirs of the Private Collection.

Indeed with Oud Elixir Précieux and his three alter-egos, François Demachy wished to explore the ancestral techniques of layering which consists in superimposing one perfume on another to compose with each person’s skin a unique olfactory mixture. This technique from the Middle East and 3000 years old had to be exploited by this perfumer very inspired by old-fashioned perfuming methods.

Thus Oud Precious Elixir is presented both as a unique perfume bottle but also as a tribute to the Middle East and to the richness of its past.

“A collection that is placed next to La Collection Privée Christian Dior to enlighten and contrast it: to bring it to life in a different way. »François Demachy about the Precious Elixirs of Dior.

Oud wood, king of the woods of Oud Elixir Précieux Dior

In order to compose the exceptional bottle of Oud Elixir Précieux which would undoubtedly resemble a magic flask or one of the many test tubes of a perfume laboratory, François Demachy selected as usual the most exceptional oud wood, the agarwood, to make it its essence.

So Oud Precious Elixir, like a magic potion, must be applied to the neck or décolleté in order to be subsequently married to the most appropriate perfumes for one’s strength. François Demachy is particularly recommended to mix Oud Precious Elixir with chypre and fruity strength of Gris Montaigne from the Dior Private collection. The elixir will allow the woody facets of the base to appear more with notes of roses and fresh fruits.

“François Demachy has created daring combinations that reinvent fragrances and celebrate the unexpected encounter of contrasting notes. Thus the Precious Elixir Oud brings an aura of mystery and a touch of opulence to the chypre harmony of Gris Montaigne. »Dior for Oud Elixir Précieux.

Oud Elixir Précieux can also be married to Oud Ispahan, still from the Private Dior collection, in order to accentuate the richness of oriental accords in the face of the delicacy of the rose .


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