CK2 Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette

CK2 Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette

Ck2, a woody and fresh fragrance signed Calvin Klein

Likewise, certain visionary designers have given birth to new trends over time. This was the case for Calvin Klein when he developed the CK One perfume in 1995. This paved the way for unisex perfumes and thus succeeded in conquering a very large audience. Also, CK2 is nothing but a modernized reinterpretation of this iconic juice.

The androgynous origins of CK2

Twenty years ago, Calvin Klein created a real shock wave in the world of perfumery. Indeed, this designer was inspired by the proximity between men and women by observing his children to create a perfume at the frontier of genres. Thus, he disregarded cultures, fashions and sexes and thus celebrated a way of life in which the group triumphs over the individual. This is how CK One made its appearance to become a true icon of perfumery. If it has seduced an entire generation, Calvin Klein is now aimed at today’s young people via a niche fragrance just as stunning as its predecessor and at least as addicting. CK2 is a new symbol loaded with experience and dynamism. It seems designed to arouse emotions and arouse passions. It is a clear and transparent juice but with a strong character. This “celebrates the diversity of connections that can exist between two people”. Once again, Calvin Klein seems to have created a totally universal and above all unisex ode to life.

The fresh and woody scent of Calvin Klein

It is the perfumer Pascal Gaurin who was entrusted with the creation of this new perfume. Also, he chose to develop his fragrance in two successive stages. The latter starts with an energizing and electric thrill. CK2 is a wave of freshness based on a green and incisive opening based on mandarin and violet leaves. Likewise, this surge is tickled by the unprecedented presence of wasabi, a kind of Japanese green mustard known for its very spicy taste. Then, the nobility of the iris takes over and combines with rose absolute to create a feeling of elegance and fullness. The sensitivity of CK2 is then counterbalanced by a more mineral and rougher aspect similar to wet stone. Finally, its wake lets out the woody scents associated with incense. This is how the initial freshness of CK2 gives way to a very warm and magnetic accord full of vetiver and sandalwood. The whole is contained in an inverted bottle. It has an ergonomic and futuristic design. It is a fully transparent glass tube electrified with a neon blue. Like a light bulb, it balances on its base and stands out with its minimalist style.

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