Eau Belle Azzaro Eau de Toilette

Eau Belle Azzaro Eau de Toilette

Azzaro Eau Belle, the fragrance for Azzaro women

Likewise, the sea and the sunny climate of these regions are for him inexhaustible sources of creativity. Thus, when Azzaro created Eau Belle in 1995, he “wanted this perfume to tell the flower, the rumor and the charm of the Mediterranean”.

The transparent and assertive beauty of Eau Belle

< p> Eau Belle is a perfume created in homage to the countries of origin of Loris Azzaro as well as to his love for women. Indeed, even if certain perfumes for men of the Azzaro brand are particularly well known today, this brand has always devoted a very special attachment to the fairer sex. This time, it is therefore a question of a transparent, soft and familiar femininity. Eau Belle is a fragrance containing typical Mediterranean sensations. It is at the same time fresh like the spray, luminous like the sun and cheerful like the population living in this place. This personal composition is thus enamelled by the memories and the childhood emotions of its creator. Eau Belle then bears its name magnificently if we consider that it is the most beautiful of waters for Loris Azzaro.

Azzaro’s floral freshness

Of course, as Eau Belle is a fragrance inspired by the sea, it could not present a fragrance without bringing a strong dose of freshness to it. Thus, Eau Belle begins with an explosion of citrus fruits. It contains in particular tangerine from Sicily, yuzu from Japan, lemon from Calabria and bergamot, a fruit resulting from the cross between lemon and sour orange. The whole is nevertheless softened by the velvety presence of the peach. This tender and juicy fruit then gives way to a more floral heart. The bouquet contained in the Eau Belle perfume also associates wild jasmine, cyclamen, freesia and syringa from Provence. The whole is enhanced by a spicy hint of rose while Eau Belle gradually slips towards more woody notes. It ends with an assembly of cedar, of cypress and rose hips warmed with a touch of honey and amber. The set is presented in a mischievous bottle superimposing three glass bubbles. Eau Belle reveals here its color similar to that of a Mediterranean shore. The whole is shaped asymmetrically and is the work of the artisanal glassmaking of Biot.

Released in 1995, “ Eau Belle ”is the fragrance of optimism. The Azzaro woman is therefore a bubbly, joyful and daring woman. “Eau Belle” takes us on an olfactory journey, a journey that will introduce us to the scents of the Mediterranean. Between land and sea, “Beautiful Water” transports us far from our imagination. Flowery and musky, the composition of “Eau Belle” suggests the discreet and elegant beauty of the Azzaro woman. Fresh like the spray, luminous like the sun, “Eau Belle” is a creation by Nathalie Feisthauer.

The Mediterranean mastered by Nathalie Feisthauer for the Eau Belle fragrance

Nathalie Feisthauer is a perfumer whose destiny was rather improbable. It was at 14 that the desire to work in the world of perfumery arose. Nathalie Feisthauer managed to join the Roure school before being hired by the company Givaudan New York in 1990. Since 2008, Nathalie Feisthauer has worked for Symrise. Creative, intuitive, Nathalie Feisthauer likes to give free rein to her imagination as much in perfumery as in the kitchen. All smells are a source of inspiration to her. Nathalie Feisthauer is at the origin of many successes, among which “Eau des Merveilles” by Hermès, “Rêve Élixir” by Van Cleef & amp; Arpels or even “Legend Femme” by Montblanc.

The freshness of Azzaro Eau Belle perfume

“ Eau Belle ”will let hover not only Mediterranean scents, but also particularly fresh scents.

Considered both a citrus and aromatic fragrance,“ Eau Belle ”begins with citrus concentrates, such as Calabrian bergamot, lemon, Sicilian mandarin and yuzu. The whole is softened by the velvety notes of the peach skin. Originally from China, yuzu is a fruit whose taste is between lemon, tangerine and orange.

Yuzu is currently cultivated in Japan, in the Tohoku region. Yuzu is widely used in Japanese cuisine. In perfumery, yuzu essential oil is obtained by cold expression of the zest. The yuzu gives off tangy, fresh, zesty and sparkling tones. The heart of “Eau Belle” then takes on white flowers thanks to the presence of syringa, freesia, jasmine and cyclamen. Also called “Jasmine of the poets”, the syringe is one of the most fragrant trees. The name “syringa” comes from an ancient custom of hollowing out the stems of their marrow to make syringes. In the language of flowers, the syringa is the symbol of memory, probably thanks to its lingering scent that is remembered for a long time. In perfumery, the syringe gives off very floral tones, close to those of jasmine.

Finally, the base is deep and woody, because it combines cypress, cedar, honey, amber and rosehip offering an ultimate Mediterranean touch. As for the bottle of “Eau Belle”, it is a bubble of happiness in itself. Made up of 3 drops stacked on top of each other, this bottle features a color of turquoise sea crisscrossed with white waterfalls.

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