Eau de Chloé Signature Chloé Eau de Toilette

Eau de Chloé Signature Chloé Eau de Toilette

Chloé’s new Signature Water

This juice was, for the brand, a symbol of renewal, whose signature expressed the idea of ​​a freed woman, endowed with an innate sense of chic and elegance. Even today, as if to assert with confidence the spirit of independence of the Chloé woman, the brand has decided to transform this essence into L’Eau de Chloé. Transformed, this perfume reappropriates once again the emblematic scent of the rose to reveal to us a luminous composition, possessing in it all the history of Chloé, charged with modernity, freshness and delicacy. Focus on L’Eau de Chloé, an intensely floral composition, incorporating all the grace and daring of the brand to which it belongs.

Who is the new Chloe wife?

In reality , this perfume does not reveal the portrait of one and only woman. It is inspired by all femininity as a whole, as if to address multiple personalities present in the four corners of the globe. Bold and inventive, it has no equal when it comes to sublimating women’s desires for freedom. L’Eau de Chloé encourages each of them to follow their desires, with ease and poetry. Eau de Chloé “absorbs the light of dawn like the mystery of night”. It immerses us in an almost dreamlike world … The one you have undoubtedly always dreamed of.

The rose, star of L’Eau de Chloé

Like the entire Chloé collection, L’Eau de Chloé clearly highlights the richness of the rose. Appreciated by women since Antiquity for its suave and complex scent, the rose remains to this day the greatest star of female perfumery. In addition, it is inseparable from the house of Chloé. If the brand loves it so much, it is quite simply because the rose is provided with very many reliefs. When it comes from Bulgaria, it smells fresh, lemony and fruity. Its absolute, present in the heart of L’Eau de Chloé, is more waxy, warm and spicy. To magnify it, L’Eau de Chloé also contains magnolia, an ingredient just as floral and sweet but slightly vanilla. Finally, L’Eau de Chloé ends with the presence of oak moss, a tenacious and woody ingredient that gives structure to the whole.

The return of Chloé’s iconic bottle

On the aesthetic side, L’Eau de Chloé comes in a bottle designed by designer Patrick Veillet. To create his base, he was inspired by the sought-after pattern adorning the sleeve of a Chloé blouse. It was he who gave birth to the delicate pleats of his glass. The name of Chloé, meanwhile, is embossed in its walls. An oval stopper softens its rigorous lines with its rounded shape. The golden color of Chloé’s first perfume has disappeared in favor of a powdery pink. Finally, the whole thing is adorned with a grosgrain ribbon in a coral pink hue.

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