Eau de cologne Allure Homme Sport Cologne Chanel

Eau de cologne Allure Homme Sport Cologne Chanel

Allure Homme Sport Cologne: Elegance and refinement are also combined with sport

By simply offering a new “flanker” of this racy elegance this time in the form of a powerful and energizing Cologne, the aptly named “Allure Homme Sport Cologne”! All the more so when 12 years after its release, Chanel has the genius to make this “Allure Cologne” talk again thanks to a new campaign led by advertisements as aesthetic by their muses as by their strong images …

< h2> Chanel and the myth of the elegant “sportsman” of “Allure Homme Sport Cologne”

When “Allure Homme Sport” was released in 2004 , Chanel’s logic was to tell the strong story of a handsome and tender sailor alone at sea, filmed in an aesthetic and refined way with beautiful framing and powerful black and white.

So obviously when Chanel wanted to create a new advertising campaign for the release of two new formats of “Allure Homme Sport Cologne” 12 years after the first format, the miracle recipe was obvious. There were henceforth 3 “Allure Homme Sport Cologne” formats, so there will be three handsome athletes who will showcase their prowess in real advertising “films”.

The 2016 muses of “Allure Homme Sport Cologne” are the diver with 138 gold medals Hugo Parisi, the skater founder of the famous New York school Adam Crigler and the actor Luke Grimes, a sports enthusiast of horse riding. Filmed by the attentive and scrupulous eye of Jacob Sutton, the three great and handsome sportsmen carry out for Chanel and the “Allure Homme Sport” range breathtaking exploits which will never cease to make men dream and propel women in their beautiful wild freedoms!

“Allure Homme Sport Cologne” a breath of energy!

Of course, the now legendary bottle with square glass shoulders remains for this “Allure Homme Sport Cologne” as well as its beautiful magnetic metal stopper embellished with its black ring, very F1. However, for “Allure Homme Sport Cologne” the glass is made transparent to better convey the pure and clear spirit of this “fresh tonic” as presented by Chanel.

Much more than a simple and umpteenth sporting fragrance, “Allure Homme Sport Cologne” offers a fresh and powerful fragrance while remaining elegant and racy, just like the Chanel man. We will therefore not be surprised by the powerfully tart and fresh top notes of mandarin, bergamot, lemon and grapefruit. They will be heightened with passion by spicy and aromatic heart notes of lovage and elemi. Finally, the base notes underlined by the resinous power of cedar wood will be distinguished by the enveloping elegance of white musks, now very present in men’s perfumery.

“A sensation does not have to be violent to be strong “reminds us of Chanel for this beautiful and dynamic perfume” Allure Homme Sport Cologne “. And clearly far from being a simple variation of its predecessors, “Allure Homme Sport Cologne” seduces with its fresh scents as well as with its spicy or woody powers sportsmen who like to remain elegant.

Released in 2007, “ Allure Homme Sport Cologne ”follows on from“ Allure ”and“ Allure Homme Sport ”which saw the light of day in 2004.“ Allure Homme Sport Cologne ”will therefore not only be an elegant fragrance for sportsmen, but above all a sweet and light fragrance. Always on the move, the Chanel man is endowed here with an energetic and fresh fragrance. Citrus and aromatic, the composition is signed Jacques Polge who affirms “A sensation does not have to be violent to be strong” …

Allure Homme Sport Cologne, the Allure saga signed Jacques Polge for Chanel

Jacques Polge, the brand’s official perfumer, is behind the first fragrance “Allure pour Femme” in 1996. With a nod eye to Gabrielle Chanel who said “There are as many looks as there are women”, Jacques Polge wanted to decline the fragrance in a masculine way, then sporty. Jacques Polge was born in 1943 in Vaucluse. He was an aroma designer at Givaudan before being hired by Chanel in 1978, succeeding Henri Robert, the father of “N ° 19”. He then had the heavy task of developing niche fragrances, while respecting the soul and philosophy of Gabrielle Chanel. We owe Jacques Polge very beautiful perfumes such as “Coco Mademoiselle, Egoïste, N ° 19 Poudré” as well as the revisiting of the mythical “N ° 5” with “N ° 5 Eau Première”. Now retired, it is his son, Olivier Polge who has taken up the torch.

The Allure Homme Sport Cologne perfume, a beautiful citrus signature

“Allure Homme Sport Cologne ”begins with very lively and sparkling citrus notes, namely lemon, grapefruit, tangerine and bergamot. Of ancient origin, bergamot is mainly cultivated in the region of Calabria, province of Reggio (Italy). Bergamot has a spherical shape like orange, with the yellow aspect of lemon. Bergamot cannot be eaten, it is harvested for its bark, from which an essential oil is extracted. At the time when perfumes were made only from natural products, bergamot was considered essential for perfumers. Today, bergamot is still very successful and offers tones that are both floral, very fresh, orange and lavender. The heart of “Allure Homme Sport Cologne” is made up of an elemi / spice combination that gives the whole composition its character. Elemi is a gum provided by trees that grow wild in the Philippines. Elemi gum is very malleable and has a bright white color. In perfumery, elemi gives off tones that are at once fresh, lemony, woody and even peppery. Finally, the base of “Allure Homme Sport Cologne” is woody and cedar and combines cedar wood with white musks for a touch of sensuality. The bottle of “Allure Homme Sport Cologne” reminds us of its predecessor. Transparent with a chrome cap ringed with black, the bottle delivers a final touch of virility.


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