Eau de cologne Ambre Nuit Christian Dior

Eau de cologne Ambre Nuit Christian Dior

Ambre Nuit from the Colognes Dior collection

Ambre Nuit takes shape as the shock encounter between a delicate rose and a powerful and fascinating ambergris which are cradled with citrus notes the better to bewitch us. The colognes from the house of Dior have definitely nothing to do with those of yesteryear …

When Cologne is golden, it is called Ambre Nuit

All in all, the Dior house has declared its passion for innovation by proposing, well before anyone else, to revisit the traditional Colognes which perfumed ladies and gentlemen of the early 20th century with their lemony and aromatic scents. In 2004, Heidi Slimane therefore launched the Colognes Dior collection with Eau Noire, Cologne Blanche and Bois d’Argent. Three exceptional fragrances far removed from the citrus scents of yesteryear. Faced with their success, François Demachy, who in the meantime became the house perfumer, was the choice to offer this trio a new opus with Ambre Nuit.

Ambre Nuit was released in 2009 and, like the other three previous colognes, was added to the Dior Private Collection as their original compositions lend themselves perfectly to newly created perfumed elixirs.

Indeed Ambre Nuit is distinguished both from the classic perfumes of the house of Dior by its Cologne concentration but also by this striking contrast between flower and animal matter, delicacy and wild force. These contrasts were composed by Demachy to pay tribute to the grandiose Venetian balls which Christian Dior loved to attend. Balls that surprised as much by their supreme luxury as by their decadence …

Thus Ambre Nuit is not a perfume which seeks to be feminine or masculine, it is a unisex perfume which seeks above all to surprise and has created the mystery in a thick woody cloud …

“A torrid elegance that induces a perfectly mixed code perfume, on bare skin or a unisex tuxedo. Yes, the code has changed. Madame Le Figaro for Ambre Nuit by Dior.

Ambre Nuit, a fragrance between freshness and oriental notes

Ambre nuit was composed by François Demachy to amaze us, and the perfumer does not hide it. He also sought to pay tribute to the beauty of a note that we would have ended up forgetting as the legislation on its use makes it both a rare product and an expensive product: ambergris. However, this animal amber can be collected with the greatest respect for the sperm whale, but its controlled use has made it a raw material that was no longer used. Thanks to François Demachy for Ambre Nuit by Dior and Thierry Wasser for Cuir Beluga by Guerlain, ambergris is making a strong comeback in our fragrances.

Ambre Nuit opens with the classic citrus notes of a Cologne, composed of pink berries and Reggio di Calabria bergamot. Then in the heart the Turkish damask rose, so dear to Dior as to François Demachy, envelops us in its delicate powers while coloring itself with spices to better allow us to penetrate the powerful depths of animal amber notes and oriental amber notes. Cedar wood, gaiac wood, patchouli and amber notes thus come together with ambergris for a most sensual marriage as if to better coat us in the scented mysteries of the night …


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