Eau de parfum 24 Faubourg Hermès

Eau de parfum 24 Faubourg Hermès

24 Faubourg… Welcome to Hermès

In 1837, the horse was the most common means of transport and his shop became a place of prestige and luxury where Kings, Stars and Presidents were supplied. At the end of the 19th century, the Hermès house launched into leather goods with the manufacture of bags, gloves and belts. It was not until 1951 to see the first perfume from the “Eau d’Hermès” brand. In 1995, the Hermès house paid tribute to its place, to its style, to its origins with “24 Faubourg”.

The world of Maison Hermès

If “24 Faubourg” seems a somewhat surprising name for a perfume, it is not so for Hermès. Indeed, it is here that the brand was installed in 1880, and that Thierry Hermès worked as a saddler harnesser … His activity has of course, evolved and especially diversified, but the address, it, no. has not changed. Through “24 Faubourg”, Hermès wanted to pay tribute to this address, so dear to its heart. “24 Faubourg” is the olfactory description of the universe of Hermès, and of his shop. The house rises up to 4 floors, and there are 14 different sectors. Among them, watchmaking, jewelry and of course, perfumery. There is also the very famous “Carré Hermès”, world famous. The windows are inspired by many countries and it is precisely the journey that is at the center of “24 Faubourg” … A long journey through many sunny lands. “24 Faubourg” is pure and elegant, just like the woman who wears it.

The light of 24 Faubourg

“24 Faubourg” is defined as a radiance of light and sun, like women. It transports us to a secret world where every woman is a sun. “24 Faubourg” begins with a fruity and citrus accord with the presence of peach, bergamot, orange, to which is added hyacinth. The heart is ultra feminine and shines like a beautiful sun. It consists of orange blossom, Tiare, jasmine and iris. The base of “24 Faubourg” is delicately sensual with the presence of vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood and amber. The bottle is inspired by the famous Hermès silk scarf. Its geometric shape is both strict and round. The inscription engraved in the glass recalls the know-how linked to the brand tradition. Finally,

A very special olfactory tribute… When Hermès pays homage to Hermès. “24 Faubourg” has been the address of the Hermès house since 1880. With 4 floors and 14 sectors, Hermès here reaffirms its expertise. Through “24 Faubourg”, the brand portrays a luminous and radiant woman. The bottle also echoes Hermès products because it was designed in the image of the famous silk scarf. An exceptional fragrance for an exceptional house.

The perfumes of the house of Hermès all exude, in a more or less obvious way according to the eras and the fragrances, the historical values ​​of the house. Eau d’Hermès, Bel-Ami, Calèche or Eau d’Orange Verte have succeeded in turning the beautiful saddlery house into a great perfume house that presents its most beautiful journeys in perfumes. 24 Faubourg, composed by the great Maurice Roucel, chooses a sunny destination to put down his luggage while surrounding us with a comforting feminine aura.

24 Faubourg, the radiant scented cocoon created by Maurice Roucel for Hermès

Before the charismatic presence within it of the “impressionist painter” of scents Jean-Claude Ellena, the house of Hermès had already been able to offer us magnificent perfumes, like the charismatic Eau d’Orange Verte by Françoise Caron or the fabulous Eau d’Hermès by the very famous Edmond Roudnitska. What is the secret of this success outside the trends? It is precisely not to seek to follow olfactory fashions and to only want to distill through original perfumes the sophisticated but also very nomadic spirit of the Hermès house.

Maurice Roucel’s composition for Hermès fully meets these selection criteria. The perfumer, very free in his creations, quite simply wanted to compose a perfume as timeless as the Hermès brand. Moreover Maurice Roucel is not the man to let himself be caught in the nets of trendy perfumes, with 24 Faubourg he is thus far from the Eaux d’Issey and the Angels of the time.

“Afterwards, to excel in your profession, you need two qualities that are innate and cannot be learned: creativity and passion. “& Nbsp; Maurice Roucel

24 Faubourg, a perfume composed like a “square of light”

From the bottle to the packaging, including the scented composition and of course its baptismal name, 24 Faubourg makes a burning dedication to the very first Hermès boutique, especially the famous silk squares which were exhibited there for the first time. 24 Faubourg would therefore be described as a warm and invigorating breeze made to pay homage to the brand’s precious scarves.

Maurice Roucel especially wanted to dedicate this perfume to travel, but to sunny and somewhat distant journeys. If the fresh heads evoke us, as we have seen, the breeze that makes silk fly, the heart is absolutely dazzling femininity. All the most beautiful white flowers have come together in this 24 Faubourg to take us to a delicate halo of burning light. A touch of iris and violet brings sophistication and vintage echo to the perfume, which does not prevent it from asserting its modern sensuality in exotic depths of patchouli and vanilla.

Maurice Roucel knew how to give the full extent of his generosity and his sense of sharing to offer us a 24 Faubourg as exotic as it is comforting, as light as it is powerful.

“ Troubling naturally (although largely synthetic), 24 Faubourg radiates and develops a very present and immediately identifiable trail. “Au Parfum for 24 Faubourg Hermès.


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