Eau de parfum 31 rue Cambon Chanel

Eau de parfum 31 rue Cambon Chanel

31 Rue Cambon, a tribute to Coco Chanel

Jacques Polge will surprise us once again by offering us 31 Rue Cambon which, far from being modern, plays with its retro chypre elegance to pay tribute to the legendary house of Chanel 31, rue Cambon of course!

31 Rue Cambon or the fragrance of an eternal Chanel signature

Jacques Polge gave us the magnificent Les Exclusifs collection, which brings back a magnificent Russian Leather or a N ° 22 for the best. But the house perfumer did not stop there by offering us such gifts Coromandel, Bel Respiro or 28 la Pausa. Jewels of creativity and know-how that highlight the absolute modernity of the house of Chanel and its perfumer. So how do you see the arrival of this retro and chypre 31 Rue Cambon in a rather innovative collection?

31, Rue Cambon is intended to be a tribute in perfume to the very famous address of Gabrielle Chanel and its premises. The Chanel boutique, the living room, the founder’s private apartments are all domiciled at this address and it is precisely here that the lady has composed all of her most beautiful creations.

It is therefore for 31, rue Cambon to pay homage in perfume while respecting the timelessness of the chic of the house of Chanel, legitimately this beautiful chypre could not be other than deliciously retro.

“To put these opposing passions into perfume, we needed the shape of a beautiful chypre, warm and elegant. A perfume in the image of Mademoiselle. “Tells us Chanel for 31, rue Cambon.

A classic chypre for a precious Chanel 31 rue Cambon

As we have already seen, 31 Rue Cambon does not seek to exhale the modernity of the other perfumes composed by Jacques Polge for Les Exclusifs. This amber floral is intended to be luminous and spicy, soft and sensual like a perfume of the skin or like the rays of the sun which pierce through the windows of the mythical address of Chanel.

31 Rue Cambon therefore opens with a dynamic and enlightened start with a note of bergamot which will be pricked with black pepper. Then jasmine will mingle with rose and ylang-ylang to propel their floral beauties to a candied plum which makes them sweet. A touch of iris, the classic raw material of perfumery par excellence, will bring its powdery, chic and retro note to these luminous flowers. Finally, labdanum and patchouli, wild powers so beloved by Chanel, will form a chypre trail that will make itself marvelous and timeless despite the absence of the traditional oak moss now very (too?) Controlled in perfumery.

“31 rue Cambon reflects the Chanel style: elegant and timeless. Its chypre accord […] then reveals a powdery and spicy trail thanks to the alliance of iris raised by notes of black pepper. »Marie-France about 31 Rue Cambon, Chanel.


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