Eau de parfum Acqua Di Gioia Armani

Eau de parfum Acqua Di Gioia Armani

The Mediterranean spirit of Acqua Di Gioia perfume

So, generally speaking, both men and women tend to appreciate the fresh flavors. It is therefore in this register that the Acqua Di Gioia perfume from the Armani house fits. It celebrates women and nature while taking us on a thirst-quenching escape during which the senses marvel.

The Mediterranean spirit of Acqua Di Gioia perfume

Acqua Di Gioia is a fragrance that could be said to be located on the border between land and sea. It draws its source from the heart of nature and from the elements. It thus appears to be a kind of trip to the depths of the Mediterranean, encouraging one to refocus on oneself. Acqua Di Gioia is a juice inspired by a remote island where Giorgio Armani himself is used to recharging his batteries. In this place, the rain and sea spray mix. They are sometimes sun-drenched and it is precisely this flow of natural elements that gives nature all the strength it needs. Thus, the plants present in this authentic place are all the more lush. However, it is precisely this fertile nature that the Armani house wanted to offer us. Acqua Di Gioia thus seems to have brought together the best ingredients to offer women a stronger and more serene identity. Thus, it offers a perfect osmosis between the body, the mind and the environment. Acqua Di Gioia thus helps to exalt our senses. It is a concentrate of happiness drawn from nature and felt on the surface.

Armani and its floral and fruity scent

To create this exceptional fragrance, the house of Armani did not call on one but three renowned perfumers. In addition, Acqua Di Gioia was created by Anne Flipo, Dominique Ropion and Loc Dong. The flavor of this juice begins with a unique sensation of freshness. In addition, Acqua Di Gioia contains mint associated with a typical Calabrian citrus fruit: the “Limone Primo Fiore Femminello”, understand the fruit of the lemon tree from the first spring flowering of Calabria. Then, the whole takes care of the flavor of the spray via the presence of water jasmine. This one displays here an immense delicacy. Its crystalline appearance nevertheless leaves room for a more sustained background, as if Acqua Di Gioia had suddenly passed from the sea to the land. Acqua Di Gioia s’ then ends with a wake containing cedar wood and labdanum. For more indulgence, everything is also sprinkled with brown sugar. Finally, on the aesthetic side, Acqua Di Gioia is contained in a very refined bottle. The whole is like a drop of water made of thick glass, revealing an emerald green color similar to that of a wave.

Released in 2010, Acqua Di Gioia is an essence inspired by an island dear to the heart of Giorgio Armani. Between an exalted sensuality and a dazzling nature, “Acqua Di Gioia” offers us a fragrance filled with emotions. As if it were between sea and land, “Acqua Di Gioia” exudes a feeling of infinite freedom. Here, everything is luxury, calm and pleasure. This island between sun and spray is an olfactory representation signed by a brilliant trio of perfumers, Anne Flipo, Loc Dong and Dominique Ropion.

3 perfumers for an Armani essence of a crystalline nature

To represent the island where he is resourceful, Giorgio Armani has chosen 3 great perfumers, already having to their credit, very many successes. If Anne Flipo grew up in Picardy, and therefore far from Grasse, she has nonetheless become a perfumer who is both very talented and very popular. Anne Flipo is currently working for IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances). We owe him magnificent perfumes such as “La Vie est Belle” by Lancôme, or “La Nuit de l’Homme” by Yves Saint Laurent. Loc Dong is also a figure in the world of perfumery. Like Anne Flipo, he works for the IFF company. Very discreet, Loc Dong is a simple and serious man. We owe him very beautiful essences such as “Manifesto” by Yves Saint Laurent (in collaboration with Anne Flipo) or “Euphoria” by Calvin Klein. As for Dominique Ropion, he is not left out in terms of talent. He enjoys studying and analyzing all raw materials, and knows all of their secrets. Considered a perfectionist and unusual perfumer, Dominique Ropion is also at the origin of great perfumes such as “Pure Poison” by Christian Dior or “Invictus” by Paco Rabanne (in collaboration with Anne Flipo).

Acqua Di Gioia, scented notes of freedom

Here, these are the elements that our three perfumers wanted to highlight. Between land, sea and sun, “Aqua Di Gioia” is a real postcard. The universe and nature then take on an inordinate force. “Acqua Di Gioia” begins with an absolutely striking freshness. Indeed, it combines crumpled notes of spearmint and lemon fruit zest from the first Calabrian lemon bloom called “Limone Primo Fiore Femminello”. Then, the heart of “Acqua Di Gioia” is filled with water jasmine, giving the whole unexpected sensations, both feminine and very aquatic. Finally, the base is mineral and harmoniously combines cedar wood with labdanum, recalling the odors of the earth with a few touches of brown sugar intended to give the composition a delicate touch of gluttony. The very clean bottle looks like a drop of emerald green water, as if a delicate wave had slipped through it… A little gem!

Between land, sky and sea,“ Acqua Di Gioia ”tells the olfactory story of an island that Giorgio Armani particularly likes. Soft, sensual and ultra feminine, “Acqua Di Gioia” is an essence as daring as it is unique.


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