Eau de parfum Dream of a Summer Wood Guerlain

Eau de parfum Dream of a Summer Wood Guerlain

Dream of a summer wood of Guerlain perfumes

Thierry Wasser composed Songe d’un bois d’été in order to highlight the beauty of warm and mysterious woods around the saffron note, the link between the three scents. Dream of a summer wood invades us with its light and dark notes to take us on a journey to an authentic and penetrating Orient …

Dream of a summer wood or the fragrant symphony of the Orient

Thierry Wasser wanted to compose the Les Déserts d’Orient collection in order to offer a series of bottles that represent oriental scents in their most real and lively accords. To compose perfumes that are really collections of the most beautiful ingredients of these sunny countries, the perfumer did not hesitate to travel to go and find the growers and operators of his future perfumes himself, convinced that the most beautiful accords are nourished. the most beautiful encounters …

“It’s the people who inspire you and what we do with them. It is while going to jasmine in Tamil Nadu that our Indian partner makes me feel a mouillette, a demented vetiver that reminds me of bourbon vetiver, that of Reunion, that we no longer find. »Thierry Wasser for Les Flacons de Parfums.

It is precisely from these precious encounters that the idea for the Les Déserts d’Orient collection was born and it is also thanks to these encounters that Thierry Wasser composed Songe d ‘un Bois d’été like a luminous and perfume. dark like a fragrant moucharabieh which sometimes reveals itself under opulent flowers, sometimes hides in mysterious woody notes.

Precious woods stars of Dream of a summer wood for Guerlain

Songe d’un Bois summer is of course dressed in the luxurious powdered bottle of golden notes from the Les Déserts d’Orient collection. The glass, like the scent, play on their androgynous side to offer itself as much to women as to men, although the woody force of Midsummer Night’s Dream is more directed towards the masculine gender than the feminine.

Dream of a Summer Wood opens with the precious light halo of the neroli flower while embellishing an aromatic and fresh bay leaf. At the heart, the magnificent jasmine will come to marry with the shady and racy powers of vetiver and patchouli. A nice saffron brings a touch of spicy heat to the whole. Finally, leather and myrrh create the deeply torrid and wild trail of this Dream of a summer wood which never ceases to switch between the sweet flowery reverie and the disturbing and sensual scents of the oriental night.

“A deep leather that reveals its shine only through its intensity adorned with touches of cedar wood, patchouli, myrrh. Powerful while chiaroscuro, very enveloping, it is the perfect synthesis of the taste for spices, woods and their resins. Sylvaine Delacourte about Dream of a Summer Wood, Guerlain.

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