Eau de parfum Fleur Musc For Her Narciso Rodriguez

Eau de parfum Fleur Musc For Her Narciso Rodriguez

For Her by Narciso Rodriguez, a constantly changing fragrance

Also, at the start of 2017, the talented Narciso Rodriguez presents a brand new olfactory variant of his favorite essence. Fleur Musc For Her will appear on our shelves very soon, delivering us a new personal version of perfumery similar to a huge bouquet of flowers.

For Her by Narciso Rodriguez, a constantly changing fragrance

< p> Narciso Rodriguez is a complex designer with an extraordinary sensitivity. Also, if her first perfume For Her was intended for one of her friends in particular, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, it was followed by many other female portraits, all very different from each other. Thus, Narciso Rodriguez says of his collection that it “expresses everything that woman is: strength, vulnerability, beauty, sensuality and finally depth. It is my very personal and romantic vision of the imaginary muse that inspires me, he says, and that allows me to feel what I feel when I create ”. Thus, For Her highlighted an enigmatic ingredient: Egyptian musk in its oily and solar form. This was then declined in the form of an Eau de Parfum , in 2005, before becoming an Eau de Toilette , in 2007, then an Eau de Parfum Intense, in 2009. Since that day, Narciso Rodriguez then developed the habit of declining his cult essence in a different version each year. This was followed by the creation of For Her In Color, For Her Extrait de Parfum, For Her Eau Délicate, For Her L’Eau, For Her Amber Musc, For Her L’Absolu or, more recently, in 2016, For Her Rose Musk. Fleur Musc For Her is thus logically presented as being the version of this emblematic juice from Narciso Rodriguez for the year 2017.

The carnal and sassy femininity of Fleur Musc For Her perfume

Like its predecessors, Fleur Musc For Her is a fragrance that reveals femininity in all its forms. Of course, it contains emblematic ingredients of women’s perfumery like the rose or the peony. These elements make Fleur Musc For Her a wildly romantic and elegant fragrance. Nevertheless, the woman Narciso Rodriguez is never too good for long. Thus, pink pepper characterizes its impertinence while patchouli makes it more mysterious. Amber makes its recipe a more carnal and suave concentrate. Finally, musk helps to strengthen the animality of this fragrance. Fleur Musc For Her is then presented in a bottle similar to the entire collection. This forms a thick rectangle of sleek glass devoid of any superfluous. Fleur Musc For Her also offers us a pink lacquer similar to a surprise protected by a crystalline coating. This setting reflects all the refinement and know-how of the Narciso Rodriguez house.

American couturier of Cuban origin , Narciso Rodriguez has forged a major reputation in the world of luxury. An atypical character, he likes above all to sublimate feminine beauty and bring it an elegance that is always comfortable and daring. It is therefore in this context that he developed his very first perfume, in 2003. It is now famous all over the planet and is called For Her. A sort of personal vision of women, it is constantly reinventing itself. Today, it is accompanied by the new Fleur Musc For Her. So, let’s see what are the innovative ingredients in this unique recipe.

Fleur Musc For Her, a fragrance full of love and feeling

For making this perfume, Narciso Rodriguez was inspired by the feelings that bind him to his friend Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. A sort of muse who made Narciso Rodriguez known, she lost her life in a tragic accident. Deeply bereaved, Narciso Rodriguez made the For Her perfume to pay homage to him. Thus, this whole collection is charged with emotion. Fleur Musc For Her is no exception to the rule and is particularly vibrant. Moreover, it is felt from its first scent. Fleur Musc For Her lets out a spicy breath of pink pepper. Thus, it immediately gives rise to a real thrill. Nevertheless, the femininity of this perfume does not take long to gain the upper hand. Therefore, it highlights one of the star ingredients of feminine perfumery: the rose. Treated in its most carnal aspect, this flower is associated with the delicacies of the peony. Nevertheless, it seems that the woman Narciso Rodriguez is more than ever wanting to seduce. Thus, Fleur Musc For Her lets a carnal breath of musk float behind it. Likewise, the whole is further completed by a sweet and dark trail of patchouli and amber.

Narciso Rodriguez collaborates with Calice Becker and Sonia Constant

Particularly creative character, Narciso Rodriguez does not hesitate to use all the necessary means to realize the projects he has in mind. Thus, this time he chose to surround himself with two perfumers to make this perfume. Narciso Rodriguez turned to some of the most renowned designers on the planet. Fleur Musc For Her was made by Calice Becker and Sonia Constant. Although having very different personalities, the latter have worked here in perfect harmony to deliver a very balanced fragrance. Overall, Calice Becker is an artist at heart who enjoys exploring perfumery in all that it has to offer. Thus, Calice Becker can boast of having developed very different fragrances during his career. It has responded just as much to the making of perfume blockbusters as to niche creations. Sonia Constant, for her part, is an adventurer who prefers to draw inspiration from her travels to make these new creations. You will understand, these two designers are not lacking in ideas and it is all their inventiveness that we find in the perfume Fleur Musc For Her.

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