Eau de parfum Jeu d'Amour Félin Kenzo

Eau de parfum Jeu d’Amour Félin Kenzo

The new nocturnal scents of Jeu d’Amour Félin

However, it seems that he returns in a new declaration of sensuality intended for the seductive women of today and appearing as being hunters eager for new sensations. Focus on Kenzo‘s new Jeu d’Amour Félin, an absolutely carnal and wildly fruity fragrance.

The new nocturnal scents of Jeu d’Amour Félin

The new Feline Love Game is immediately identifiable . Indeed, its bottle is similar to that of its predecessors. It has the same shape of a glass sculpture dressed in colored lacquering. Her figure echoes a slender woman in a long dress. Thus, it seems to have prepared to seduce anyone who crosses her path. On the other hand, if the latter once had an outfit in a flesh color, its glass is now completely covered in black. Thus, Jeu d’Amour Félin turns out to be a particularly nocturnal fragrance. Its scent, for its part, is then in perfect agreement with this visual. This is the work of a duo of perfumers composed, as in the past, of Daphné Bugey and Christophe Raynaud. This extremely sensual composition begins with fruity aromas. So, Feline Love Game contains clementine and strawberries. The clementine reveals the sparkling side of the Kenzo woman, while the strawberry would be easily savored here with a good glass of champagne. Then, the whole is quickly relayed by a more floral character emanating from peony, tuberose and jasmine. This concentrate of white flowers then darkens little by little until reaching a darker and seductive base emanating from patchouli, amber and musk.

Kenzo’s seductive wife

Kenzo Jeu d’Amour Félin is thus in perfect continuity with its predecessors. It reveals to us the most bewitching facet of the already seductive woman of the past in the collection. She then seems to have shot her final card to win the frenzied game of Kenzo. Indeed, the brand sees love as a bet, making seduction an incredible game of playfulness. Also, to interpret once again this image on the screen, Kenzo once again called on the talented actress Louise Bourgoin. The latter first became known on Canal + as a weather miss. Then, it was in the role of Adèle Blanc Sec in Luc Besson’s film that she really revealed her potential as an actress. No one knows yet in what hushed atmosphere Louise Bourgoin will take us to occasion of the release of Jeu d’Amour Félin. Case to follow for a rendering which we can already tell you that it will be highly tempting …


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