Eau de parfum Jeu d'Amour l'Elixir Kenzo

Eau de parfum Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir Kenzo

Love game the Elixir: Passions, seductions and temptations by Kenzo

In turn delicately floral then deliciously fruity, this time Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir dares to do it all and offers us its most beautiful sensualities to intoxicate the prey so desired by the Kenzo woman. This Kenzo woman, always deliciously represented by Louise Bourgoin, is definitely not cold in the eyes and brings out her vatout with her Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir!

Love game the Elixir or the love potion of the gentle magician, Kenzo’s muse

The story of love and passions between the sparkling Louise Bourgoin and Jeu d’Amour reaches its climax with the sublime and daring spot shot in 2015 where the beauty demonstrates that love is a bohemian child who knows no rules of game, if not that of an attraction, of an obviousness.

For Jeu d’Amour, the Elixir Louise Bourgoin turns into a real temptress who dares to put all her bare cards down to win the heart of her inexhaustible player. His fiery gaze and bare shoulder invites the Kenzo woman to play it all for the sake of it, reminding her “that to bewitch is not to cheat”. Like the explosive finale of the encounter between the Jeu d’Amour woman and her beautiful opponent, Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir plays black and pink magic to better bewitch with its oriental charms …

“The KENZO JEU D’AMOUR woman has all the audacity and bends the rules with the elixir, a true love potion. »Kenzo for Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir.

Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir, the power of an oriental flower for a bewitching play of light and shadow

The magnificent glass bottle molded like a sculpture evoking the delicate sensuality of feminine curves is dressed in black and purple charms for this Love Game the Elixir. Moreover, the packaging of this new opus is once again adorned with the red mouth of its muse, the glamorous emblem of the very first Jeu d’Amour.

A true play of love between shadow and light, Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir explodes into luminous and lively top notes of hesperidia composed around tangerine and orange. At the heart we find the elegant and precious jasmine which for the occasion will be tinged with the so mysterious tuberose which likes to play its faceted cards sometimes green, sometimes woody, sometimes flowery to better surprise us alongside red fruits. greedy and deep. Then the woman from Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir plays her last card by launching full force her ardor of patchouli, sandalwood accompanied by intoxicating rum and enveloping and delicious vanilla. Who can then resist The Elixir Love Game?

The sweet fairy hidden between the bright light of her floral citrus scents and the shadow of her woody and amber faces literally captivates us with her aptly named magic potion in her scented grimoire Game of Love the Elixir.

& nbsp; “A very signed Oriental Floral, a spell to which to succumb of one’s own accord. »Kenzo for Jeu d’Amour l’Elixir.

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