Eau de parfum Les Infusions Iris Cèdre Prada

Eau de parfum Les Infusions Iris Cèdre Prada

Prada and its masculine scent of iris and cedar

It is aimed directly at aesthetes and dares to proudly display its singular note far removed from the dictates of marketing. Like its predecessor, it is an innovative fragrance, both classic and daring. At the antipodes of overly rowdy perfumery, Infusion d’Iris Cèdre unveils its wake with extreme nobility.

Welcome to the world of Prada Infusions!

Les Infusions de Prada is a collection that was born in 2007 with the creation of Infusion d’Iris. Today, it comes out at least one creation per year. Infusion d’Iris Cèdre is the 2008 edition. This fragrance, like every Infusion, takes us into a world that goes against all female and male stereotypes. Prada Infusions don’t care about trends. They seem to be perfumes charged with the authenticity of the past but associated with a modernity beyond measure. Thus, the visionary spirit of the Prada house resurfaces on all sides. Infusion d’Iris Cèdre is a kind of interpretation of the contradictory spirit of Prada: a form of modernity claiming the heavy heritage of the past. Infusion of Iris Cèdre is a kind of alchemy that brings out surprise. It seems to have been ideally designed to allow an emotion. This fragrance is made with precision and reveals itself with subtlety. Its current name, on the other hand, was only given to it in 2015. Indeed, originally, this perfume was named by the brand Infusion d’Homme. It is about a mixed birth working the Iris flower under a less powdery but more character aspect. As its new name suggests, the woody notes of yesteryear are heightened.

The floral and woody sensuality of Infusion d’Iris Cèdre

Infusion d’Iris Cèdre is a refreshing fragrance, both sensual and refined. It seems to have been thought of as an image of a white shirt, freshly washed, and pulled over bare skin. This juice is the work of perfumer Daniela Andrier. Its entire composition revolves around Iris Pallida, a particularly noble flower, exclusively reserved for fine perfumery, and renowned for being one of the most expensive ingredients in the perfumer’s entire palette. This powdery flower is revealed here with duality. Infusion d’Iris Cèdre is a luminous fragrance that combines the luminous freshness of Tunisian neroli with a more powerful and woody trail, composed of cedar and vetiver. Somali incense, on the other hand, brings more mystery here. Finally, for more sensuality, benzoin further sublimates the whole of a more amber flavor. Of course, this perfume is presented to us in the iconic bottle of Infusions de Prada. Rectangular in shape, it displays pure and elegant lines. Like the fragrance it contains, it simply seems to be timeless. It is also adorned with the original Prada coat of arms, created in 1913 by Miuccia Prada’s grandfather. In every way, Infusion d’Iris Cèdre is a wonderful combination of eras and genres. created in 1913 by Miuccia Prada’s grandfather. In every way, Infusion d’Iris Cèdre is a wonderful combination of eras and genres. created in 1913 by Miuccia Prada’s grandfather. In every way, Infusion d’Iris Cèdre is a wonderful combination of eras and genres.

Released in 2015, ” Infusion Iris Cèdre “is a reinterpretation of the magnificent” Infusion Iris “released in 2007. Defined as a precious nectar,” Infusion Iris “had honored one of the most noble materials in perfumery, the iris. Because this creation was daring, the Prada brand decided to renew the experience and decline the first fragrance in “Infusion Iris Cèdre”. To achieve this mixed essence, Prada once again called on Danièla Andrier.

Danièla Andrier and the Prada house develop the infusion of Iris Cèdre

Born in Germany, Danièla Andrier intended to study philosophy. Love at first sight, she decided to join the Givaudan perfume school and never left the company. Recently awarded a medal by the Minister of Culture, Danièla Andrier leads a balanced life between her life as a perfumer and her 4 children. She is considered a daring, sensitive and talented nose. Empathetic and modest, Danièla Andrier is both passionate and thoughtful. She is the one who made the majority of Prada fragrances. She admires Miuccia Prada a lot. Between the two of them, it is as if there is a “poetic bond”. About Miuccia Prada, Danièla Andrier affirms “She is a very free, courageous woman who seeks, finds, takes risks, does not count, inspires dreams and embodies luxury… If there is a brand for me that represents luxury, it is his ”… There is no doubt that their collaboration will last a long time. We owe to Danièla Andrier Prada fragrances like “Candy Kiss” or “Luna Rossa Sport”, but also other perfumes like “Emporio Elle” by Armani.

Iris Cèdre a floral and woody softness < / h2>

For this new infusion, Danièla Andrier has decided to honor the naturalness of iris and the authenticity of cedar. Both sensual and delicate, “Infusion Iris Cèdre” is a fragrance developed in a refined way. The entire composition revolves around the iris Pallida, a very noble flower. Iris Pallida is considered the blue gold of perfumery. It is actually these rhizomes, which are worth gold. It takes no less than 13 tons of fresh iris rhizomes, and 5 to 6 of patience to obtain a single kilo of iris absolute… With oud, iris is the most expensive ingredient in niche perfumery. Iris is used for its powdery, green, woody tones and even its sweet violet scents. Here the iris meets the cedar. A noble material par excellence, cedar is very popular in perfumery. Both soft and refined, cedar finds its place in many compositions. Cedar has the very characteristic smell of the pencil of our childhood, when sharpened. However, you should not confuse Atlas cedar and Virginia cedar, two different varieties. There is a third category of cedar, much less used, white cedar or even Canadian cedar. Here, “The Cedar Iris Infusion” contains, moreover, other noble ingredients such as neroli and its Tunisian luminosity, not to mention benzoin which gives an ultimate touch of sensuality to the entire composition.


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