Eau de parfum L'Extase Rose Absolue Nina Ricci

Eau de parfum L’Extase Rose Absolue Nina Ricci

The daring essence of L’Extase Rose Absolue

However, it could well be that this one still pushes its carnal aspect to its paroxysm. Nina Ricci has just unveiled the third version of this already iconic juice. Prepare to welcome L’Extase Rose Absolue, a compendium of electrifying and bewitching femininity plunging us into the heart of the dark night.

The daring essence of L’Extase Rose Absolue

As for the first part of L’Extase, the house Nina Ricci called on one of the most talented perfumers on the planet, the famous Francis Kurkdjian. He became known in particular by creating the Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier and then by having worked for the biggest brands in the world. Here, he chose to create around the theme of the rose while reinterpreting it in a more nocturnal way than ever. “L’Estase Rose Absolue plunges us into the pleasure of the night: a Parisian night, enigmatic and sparkling, where dream and reality collide and merge. The result is an absolutely sensual and mysterious fragrance, as incandescent as it is carnal. The rose appears more erotic there than ever. Its heat is such that it almost seems burnt. Thus, L’Estase Rose Absolue intensified by the presence of black pepper and pink pepper before enveloping itself in a more creamy and woody texture of atlas cedar. Its sensuality, for its part, draws its source from oriental musks mixed with a sweet vanilla. This effect is further enhanced by the velvety presence of benzoin, while patchouli gives structure to this ensemble.

The nocturnal visual of L’Extase Caresse de Rose

On the bottle side, L ‘Ecstase Rose Absolue takes the form of its predecessor. Perpetuating the chic Parisian spirit of Nina Ricci, it is inspired by a Couture clutch, an iconic accessory of the house. Its glass dress, once degraded to mauve, has nevertheless given way to an intense black lacquering. The latter is decorated as before with golden details which only increases the power of its lust. The mystery of her dress is here taken to its climax and a delicate black satin ribbon adorns her collar. The whole is further enhanced with a gold plaque branded with the name of this new juice. The Absolute Rose Ecstasy will also be accompanied by an advertisement highlighting the pretty Laetitia Casta. In addition, it is she who has embodied the image of this collection since its creation in 2015. As sensual as Marilyn Monroe or Brigitte Bardot at their time, she proudly lets all her femininity explode, boldly assuming her wildest fantasies. We are already looking forward to seeing what erotic dream this time will lead us to the pretty BB from the film Gainsbourg Heroic Life …


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