Eau de parfum L'Homme Le Parfum Yves Saint Laurent

Eau de parfum L’Homme Le Parfum Yves Saint Laurent

L’Homme Le Parfum: Yves Saint Laurent’s niche fragrance

Reinterpreted and reinterpreted many times, it has already become L’Homme Libre, L’Homme Parfum Intense, L’Homme Sport, L’Homme Ultime, and L’Homme Cologne Bleue, to name but a few. However, the story does not end there and Yves Saint-Laurent has already announced the name of its new version for the year 2020. This time, its emblematic juice becomes L’Homme Le Parfum, in one rendering at a time modern and very contrasting .

L’Homme Le Parfum reinvents the woody DNA of its elders

L’Homme Le Parfum by Yves Saint-Laurent is a fragrance that is not diametrically opposed to its predecessors. In fact, he even takes the main breath of the juices that were created before him: a woody and intensely manly scent. However, this time, L’Homme Le Parfum’s masculinity is more nuanced and contrasted. Wood is explored in all its facets, to reveal its most beautiful nuances and the multiple reliefs of its personality… Cedar dominates. It first gives us its dry and powerful scent, a pledge of a strong and very assertive masculinity. Then, little by little, it becomes smoother and more sensual on contact with amber. L’Homme Le Parfum navigates between strength and warmth. This perfume is thought of as “the smell of warm skin under an impeccable costume”.
Moreover, these contrasts also reappear as soon as you see the bottle. Its glass base preserved a certain transparency while its cap is completely opaque. Covered with a gray lacquer, it faces electrifying bluish walls. The L’Homme Le Parfum bottle rests on a round and cylindrical base, while its top is much more raw and hexagonal. Both on the olfactory and visual level, the contrasts seem made to attract each other and form a single whole, in perfect harmony …

Who is the man who wears the new Yves Saint-Laurent perfume? < / h2>

Once again, to embody his perfume on the screen, Yves Saint-Laurent has set his sights on New Zealand model Vinnie Woolston, already the face of the La Nuit de L’Homme collection. Mysterious and seductive, it perfectly embodies the image of this fragrance. Indeed, the one who wears L’Homme Le Parfum shines with its natural elegance, while being a bit rebellious. He knows how to be sophisticated without hiding his strong character. L’Homme Le Parfum celebrates the man with two faces: “from nonchalant charm to electrifying seduction. From refined dandy to urban bad boy ”. With him, everything is a question of duality. L’Homme Le Parfum explores all facets of the male personality. “Its unique identity emerges in its raw strength imprinted with elegance. His virility is unique, his charisma natural.

Launched in 2006, the perfumed collection L’Homme by Yves Saint-Laurent never ceases to be talked about. As proof, 14 years after its release, it is still enriched with a new olfactory facet, this time placed under the sign of elegance and refinement. Available in France since March 16, 2020, L’Homme Le Parfum completes this well-known saga to the general public. The brand, for its part, describes its essence as “the most sophisticated expression of the seduction of masculine perfumes at Yves Saint-Laurent”. So, what about its composition more precisely? Here is an overview of the main ingredients included in his recipe.

Who are the perfumers in charge of the composition of L’Homme Le Parfum?

< p> L’Homme Le Parfum by Yves Saint-Laurent is a very rich and woody fragrance, which combines the know-how of several perfumers. Indeed, for this creation, Yves Saint-Laurent has decided to put the small dishes in the big ones and to call upon three noses counting among the most famous on the planet. L’Homme Le Parfum owes its existence to Anne Flipo, Dominique Ropion and Juliette Karagueuzoglou.
Anne Flipo is a perfumer who particularly appreciates the scents of nature. For her, each new creation is experienced as a challenge and Above all, Anne Flipo wants each of her perfumes to be memorable.
Dominique Ropion, for his part, is a real star in her field. We can no longer count the number of olfactory best-sellers signed by his hand, for all the biggest luxury brands! With him, each raw material is perfectly mastered. It is a true living encyclopedia of perfumery!
Finally, Juliette Karagueuzoglou completes this exceptional trio. Used to often light and romantic creations, here she reinforces all the elegance of this perfume.

L’Homme Le Parfum, an infinitely woody fragrance

L’Homme Le Parfum is a juice as sophisticated as it is powerful. The man who wears this composition does not lack temperament! L’Homme Le Parfum nevertheless preserves the fresh, Italian scents of previous versions of its recipe. Its fragrance opens with a scent of ozone and Italian lemon zest. Then, for more elegance, geraniums invite themselves into its heart. Its peppery side is immediately refreshed with mint, while the violet leaf gives it a powdery and very refined facet. It is then in its base that the scent of the woods literally explodes. Vetiver and cedar intertwine, while being softened with cashmeran and ambroxan.
Everything is presented to us in a sleek bottle, topped by a hexagonal cap, now tinted with a gradient blue, as if a drop of ink had slipped into this perfume. Once again, L’Homme Le Parfum is portrayed onscreen by the alluring Vinnie Woolston, photographed by Billy Kidd and filmed by Colin Tilley


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