Eau de parfum Nina L'Elixir Nina Ricci

Eau de parfum Nina L’Elixir Nina Ricci

Nina the Elixir, the rare essence of a love potion

In 1932, she founded the house of the same name. Its straight cuts, the choice of materials such as silk, lace, ribbons and its attention to detail make the Nina Ricci house a glamorous, elegant house representative of Parisian chic. In 2006, Robert Ricci dedicated to his deceased mother, “Nina”, and the beginning of the saga begins. In 2010, the brand presented “Nina L’Élixir”, a particularly breathtaking love potion.

Princess Nina

The first fragrance “Nina” was the start of a true fairy tale. “Nina” is a magical and gourmet universe marked by the iconic apple-shaped bottle , which has become legendary. From the start, “Nina” turns out to be a princess of modern tales, laughing and carefree. “Nina” evolves in a world of magic and enchantment. Since then, “Nina” has declined her perfume in many magical characters. Over the course of the fragrances, Nina grows, she asserts herself in nuance and subtlety. If “Nina l’Elixir” is a much more intense reinterpretation of the original, the fragrance is also more sensual and more sophisticated. With “Nina the Elixir”, our princess has grown up well and has become a femme fatale, which is impossible to resist.

The sensual notes of Nina the Elixir

“Nina l ‘Élixir ”was imagined by the talented Olivier Cresp. “Nina l’Elixir” opens with fruity and tangy notes of lemon, lime and red fruits. “Nina l’Elixir” then evolves into an ultra-gourmet heart composed of caramel, cedarwood and apple, enveloped by the opulence of jasmine. A true concentrate of pleasure, “Nina l’Élixir” offers a more rounded sensual base thanks to the presence of cedar wood, amber and musks. As for the bottle, it takes, of course, the main codes of its elders. The apple is no exception to the rule and offers itself a new transformation. You should know that the apple-shaped bottle was inspired by that of “Fille d’Ève”, imagined in 1952 by Robert Ricci and Marc Lalique in 1952 … With “Nina l’Élixir”, the apple is tinted with a deep metallic red gradient.

More intense than “Nina”, “Nina the Elixir” is a mysterious and sensual love potion. Since 2006, Princess Nina continues to evolve and grow. From fragrance to fragrance, she becomes a woman, without ever losing her magic and her carefree attitude. “Nina the Elixir” is a more intense reinterpretation of the original. Its more powerful composition delivers irresistible scents, making Nina a femme fatale.


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