Eau de toilette 1 Million Lucky Paco Rabanne

Eau de toilette 1 Million Lucky Paco Rabanne

10 after 1 Million, 1 Million Lucky makes its appearance

Not hesitating to upset trends in men’s essences, it quickly became one of the bestsellers in perfumery. Like his muse, this is an insolent juice that no one seems to be able to resist. Whether by its design, its message or its scent, 1 Million has literally seduced the entire planet! Today, to celebrate its 10 years of existence , it offers itself a new face. Focus on 1 Million Lucky, Paco Rabanne’s new lucky charm.

The new 1 Million Lucky bar

1 Million Lucky differs from its predecessors as soon as you see its bottle. Indeed, on the occasion of this new olfactory release, Paco Rabanne has completely redesigned its visual. 1 Million Lucky retains its bullion shape. However, its color has been totally reinvented. Gold is much less present. It appears in certain points of detail of this bottle and in the color of its juice, revealing itself in a transparent glass surface. The rest of Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million Lucky package is covered with a metallic silver surface. These two shades are also present on the cardboard packaging of this perfume. Finally, the name of 1 Million Lucky is inscribed, as usual, in a typography evocative of the universe of a western.

1 Million Lucky, a fresh and fruity fragrance

On the scent side, 1 Million Lucky by Paco Rabanne is characterized by a fresh and fruity breath. However, very few elements of its recipe have so far been disclosed by the brand. We just know that 1 Million Lucky will be made up of two major ingredients: an ozonic accord and a plum. Ozone is a gas that occurs naturally in the atmosphere. It has a metallic and somewhat aquatic odor. However, this is precisely what was reproduced in the laboratory by the perfumers of Paco Rabanne. The plum, for its part, leaves here a syrupy, velvety and fruity sensation. It only amplifies the gluttony of 1 Million Lucky.

Jordan Barrett, emblematic figure of Paco Rabanne

Finally, to embody the image of this new perfume, Paco Rabanne has chosen, once again , to set his sights on Jordan Barrett. The son of a wealthy Australian with a sulfurous past, he was spotted when he was only 14 years old and stealing matches. He has preserved from that time his casual self-confidence and his bad boy airs. This has earned him to become the darling of Paco Rabanne and to be its muse for several years now. A little more patience, the images of this new advertising clip have not yet been revealed but it will not be long …

Paco Rabanne invokes luck for his perfume 1 Million Lucky

The Paco Rabanne perfume house has always offered us innovative and daring fragrances, however it has long sought its bestselling style and fragrance. It seems that since Black XS in 2005, Paco Rabanne perfumes have never ceased to amaze us and stand out from the classics. The One Million-Lady Million couple is a striking example and their fragrances never cease to seduce. In the spring of 2018 we discovered a new version of this very successful Monsieur One Million, named One Million Lucky, no doubt that this name brings him luck!

One Million Lucky or the fresh scent of the gold bar man

Paco Rabanne perfumes were born in 1970 and, as soon as they entered perfumery, offered beautiful compositions, as original as the eponymous haute couture label. Yet despite great successes, the Paco Rabanne house had not yet found its bestseller, the fragrance that would propel it to the rank of the greatest houses. It is after many years and a world much more quirky than the original that Black XS will finally explode the brand. From then on Paco Rabanne multiplies the successes and the daring with Olympéa and Invictus then One Million and Lady Million.

One Million released in 2008 is intended to be a counterpart to the olfactory tradition of male perfumes. Far from the ferns and far from the fresh scents, One Million explodes with thunderous tones, searing spices and sophisticated and unexpected flowers.

“1 MILLION – that’s the myth of the good life, a signature olfactory as powerful as it is unexpected and an advertising campaign off the beaten track. The gentleman with the famous snap of his fingers was born. »Puig for Paco Rabanne 1 Million.

Subsequently, Paco Rabanne and his trio of perfumers at the origin of this One Million will give birth to beautiful variations in this One Million, including the pretty and spring One Million Lucky in 2018.

One Million Lucky wants to be always as sassy as the original bottle but this time it wants to take us on more fruity adventures thanks to plum but also aquatic, fresher while coloring itself with woody notes which are also more intense.

Fruits, cashmere and watery notes for 1 Million Lucky spring but always so daring!

The house of Paco Rabanne likes to communicate on its fragrances of way very different from others. So we know very little about the exact composition of One Million Lucky or even the perfumer (s) who created it at the moment. Nevertheless Paco Rabanne left some clues of ingredients that allow us to understand the construction of this pretty and fresh One Million Lucky.

One Million Lucky would therefore open like its beautiful elder with citrus freshness, propelled for this opus by an ozonic sea wave and a fruity touch of plum. In the heart, the flower remains but this time it is a jasmine which will dress woody notes of cashmere and cedar. A touch of hazelnuts and honey would be added to this One Million Lucky to reinforce its woody aspect. Finally patchouli, oak moss and vetiver always form the burning and sensual depths of this One Million Lucky man who remains a charmer at heart …


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