Eau de toilette 1881 Sivler Cerruti

Eau de toilette 1881 Sivler Cerruti

1881 Silver: Cerruti’s new Eau de Toilette for Men

Paying homage to a milestone of the brand, it has been sublimating the masculinity of its green and fresh scent for 30 years now. To celebrate this anniversary, Cerruti therefore decided to design a new interpretation. So what’s the invigorating new lease of life for 1881 Silver? What is Cerruti hiding in its gray and contemporary bottle? We tell you everything!

1881 Silver, a fresh and woody essence to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Cerruti’s perfume

1881 Silver celebrates the 30th anniversary of the 1881 perfume, designed in 1990. In fact, this juice recalls the date of the creation of the brand, when the Cerruti family settled in Biela, in the Italian Piedmont. It is finally the grandson of the founder, Nino Cerutti, who decided to recall this major event by the release of a perfume, also having the ambition to translate “the raw freshness of the water which springs from the rock”, in a true fresh and typically Mediterranean effervescence.
Today, 1881 Silver is quite different from its predecessor. Its creation was entrusted to perfumers Alienor Massenet and Maurice Roussel, from the company Symrise. Together, they imagined an aromatic and woody fern, infinitely modern. Here, it all starts with an aromatic and peppery alliance of ginger and basil. Then, these striking top notes are softened with florals. Lavender mingles with geranium from Reunion Island, for a slightly peppery, but very sensual effect. Gradually, masculinity takes over in a woody base of patchouli and amber. These high quality elements also enhance the persistence of this fragrance. The result is a tenacious, refreshing and seductive fragrance.

The unchanged vial of Cerruti

Although the 1881 perfume is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, it must be admitted that its bottle has not aged at all. Still very contemporary, it did not require any major changes. Cerruti therefore made the choice to keep its visual intact. Remember that this is a thick glass cube, a guarantee of his charisma and virility. Its irregular walls, on the other hand, give the impression that its glass has been carved out of the rock. The number 1881, meanwhile, is displayed in relief on its front face, while its full name is inscribed in an anthracite gray on its side walls. The whole is surmounted by a small cylindrical cap of matt metal. Sober and refined, this bottle promises to last for many more decades!
“From the base notes, the dated animal facets have been replaced by vibrant amber woods, for a contemplative sensuality. A high quality patchouli and an exclusive grand green basil have been used to further enhance the noble ingredients of the formula. The classic ylang-ylang has been rebalanced and worked with precious Madagascan geranium to highlight a more modern fern aspect. A luminous touch of juicy pineapple and natural spices fused together gives a natural and immediate grip to the perfume ”… This is the description of this perfume formulated by its creators.


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