Eau de toilette A Garden after the Monsoon Hermès

Eau de toilette A Garden after the Monsoon Hermès

A Garden after the Monsoon: The miracle of the wetland according to Jean-Claude Ellena

Yet this India depicted by the painter Ellena is very different from the usual scents, it is distinguished by its reborn vegetation and its spices present but muted, as if to better capture us more. A Garden after the Monsoon is a journey to unknown lands, to an India that ultimately few Westerners know.

A Garden after the Monsoon or Indian Fantasies according to Hermès

Since 2003, the Parfums-Jardins d’Hermès collection has been showing us around known regions (the Mediterranean, Egypt and now India) with unique moments and scented sensations. After having made us exhale the scents of the Nile, this time Jean-Claude Ellena remains in humid tones for us to experience the end of the Indian monsoon with a Garden after the Monsoon.

The Indian monsoon is not seen by Asian countries as bad luck, on the contrary. It is the season of all possibilities, of all plant renewal. And when the end of the rainy season finally arrives, nature awakens as in a second birth to offer its spectators the fruits of these torrential waters. Waters which awaken the earth and its plants and which perfume the spices of sweets.

Exactly traveling in the Kerala region during this magical moment, Jean-Claude Ellena wanted to convey to us the emotions of this Indian “Après the flood ”with Un Jardin après la Monsson.

“ The flood has ceased. The black clouds gave way to a calm and serene blue. The canals have become mirrors. The suffocating air has turned into perfume. I put my nose out. The large garden breathes. The trees straighten up. The leaves are turning green again. The grass wiggles. Young shoots appear. The smell is reborn, lively, clear, wet. It is this welcoming garden that I put in a bottle ”1. Jean-Claude Ellena for A Garden after the Monsoon.
Who better placed than the watercolor artist Karen Petrossian, already a collaborator of Hermès in the creation of his famous squares, to create a lush and colorful pictorial universe in this Garden after the Monsoon? Naturally, therefore, the packaging, like the visual but also the advertising of Un Jardin après la Monsson will be totally inspired by its colorful designs.

A Garden Perfume that takes us on a journey to a citrus, vegetal and spicy India

The bottle of Un Jardin après la Mousson is adorned with the square opulence of the Parfums-Jardins collection. This time the glass will take on degraded bluish and green hues, as if to better highlight the colors of the Indian sky after terrible storms.

A Garden after the Monsoon opens like a fresh and tangy cocktail of lime and orange sprinkled with a lively green note. Coriander and black pepper come to spice up the mixture by perfuming it with their lively forces. At the heart, an accord of white flowers becomes creamy where cardamom and ginger bring freshness and aromatic power. Finally, the woody and invigorating depths of vetiver are lightly smoked as if to better let us invade us with these wild plant scents.

“Serene expression of nature reborn after the monsoon rains” according to its creator Jean- Claude Ellena, Un Jardin après la Mousson allows us to discover the pleasures of a luxuriant nature that we rarely know.

Between Jean-Claude Ellena and the Hermès perfume house, it’s a story of love and grandiose scent creations that never stop making success. The collection of Garden Perfumes, initiated in 2004 with Un Jardin en Méditerranée, is also greeted with as much enthusiasm as ever. In 2008, Un Jardin après la Mousson will continue this saga of scents in contrasting chords typical of the master perfumer who has definitely not finished surprising us!

A Garden after the Monsoon or Jean-Claude Ellena’s Dream Gardens for Hermès

As he likes to say, Jean-Claude Ellena composed Un Jardin en Méditerranée in just… 10 minutes! Ten minutes during which he was in the garden of the artistic director of the house of Hermès and his senses were carried away by sunny scents which immediately inspired him for this first opus of what would become the collection of Parfums Jardins.

The following year it is Un Jardin sur le Nil that the perfumer will introduce us to thanks to vegetal and crunchy notes. Then in 2008, we will travel to the beautiful region of Kerala in India to discover the lush nature that is reborn after a rainstorm with A Garden After The Monsoon.

With A Garden After The Monsoon, Jean-Claude Ellena wished to offer us a fragrant journey that we are rare to know as the monsoon season is much more connoted as devastating than positive for the Europeans that we are. Moreover, despite the magnificent composition full of contrasts offered by the “impressionist” perfumer, Un Jardin après la Mousson will obtain mixed success due to this unflattering image of the monsoon, a relative disappointment as to the objective that Jean-Claude Ellena explains by a misunderstanding of its history, much more than a mistake in the composition.

“Are you sometimes disappointed? I did it for A Garden After the Monsoon. The title was bad. I hadn’t realized that a lot of people didn’t know what the monsoon was, or thought it was a catastrophic time. It was more the name than the smell that displeased. “& Nbsp; Jean-Claude Ellena for Le Monde.

The surprising encounter between tangy and spicy notes for Jardin after the extraordinary Monsoon

Despite the incomprehension of some of the new journey proposed by Jean -Claude Ellena for this Garden after the Monsoon, many lovers of Hermès fragrances and Jean-Claude Ellena perfumes once again applauded the striking style of this perfumer who decidedly so well depicting strong landscapes for us. explosive scented contrasts.

So Un Jardin après La Mousson is first revealed in a spicy and tangy olfactory landscape built with notes of lime, orange, black pepper and coriander. The vegetal note of course reminds us of the lush vegetation that blooms during the monsoon. Then the “rain” of melon notes falls in the heart of this Garden after the Monsoon. A rain that once ceased will bring the moistness of hot and spicy notes of cardamom and ginger. Finally, the flower of logose and the green vetiver will close this parenthesis in Kerala with intense and mysterious vegetal depths.

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