Eau de toilette Angel Eau Croisière Thierry Mugler

Eau de toilette Angel Eau Croisière Thierry Mugler

Mugler’s Angel Cruise Water

Thus, he had the idea of ​​developing a gourmet essence. Today, the category of sweet fragrances is particularly widespread. However, it was then a world first! The success was immediate and almost all the women immediately wanted to bite into Thierry Mugler’s succulent love apple, presented in a star-shaped bottle. From now on, history is repeating itself and Thierry Mugler once again amazes our sense of smell. His latest composition is a call to escape. Focus on Angel Eau Croisière.

Angel Eau Croisière, when Thierry Mugler’s star-studded bottle adopts more pop colors!

With Angel Eau Croisière, the message could not be clearer: it is about travel, escape and exoticism. Angel Eau Croisière is a perfume that smells like the sun and it shows up on its bottle. Of course, its bottle retains the historic shape of the range and this unique fragrance is wrapped in a glass star. On the other hand, its bluish color of yesteryear has disappeared in favor of a much more sunny and festive gradient. From now on, pink and orange are part of the game and intend to brighten up your daily life! Thierry Mugler’s emblematic star reveals its most jovial side to us and comes in a cardboard case that also reminds us of maritime cruises. Angel’s initial blue color is thus present on its packaging, this time decorated with many stripes, as if to evoke the image of a striped sweater. A round porthole is also drawn on the surface of this box, giving us a calming glimpse of the sea.

Angel Eau Croisière, a cocktail to savor in two ways

Inside this bottle hides a summer cocktail with infinitely fruity flavors. Very sunny, this fragrance is both round and luminous. Energizing at will, it invites us to enjoy every moment and to savor delicious sensations. For this, it revolves around two different facets. Angel Eau Croisière is first of all like a fruity cocktail filled with vitamins. It combines the exoticism of mango with the freshness of grapefruit and the tangy breath of blackcurrant sorbet. Then, a more voluptuous facet comes into play. Angel’s historic praline note still occupies the center of this fragrance. It gains in character and tenacity on contact with patchouli. The result is a fragrance that is both gourmet and creamy, designed by perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur.

With Angel Eau Croisière, Thierry Mugler focuses on leisure and offers you summer heat before its time. So what are you waiting for to taste this fruity cocktail and treat yourself to a new fragrant getaway?


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