Eau de toilette Bleu de Chanel Chanel

Eau de toilette Bleu de Chanel Chanel

Bleu de Chanel: In praise of freedom and the sure and independent man …

“Bleu” sees everything in blue, a sober yet delicately elegant bottle, magnificent blue eyes as its incarnation by Gaspard Ulliel, a bluish and dark universe created by Martin Scorcese and a fresh and aromatic fragrance worthy of the celestial vaults. For a bit, “Blue” would end up making us see life in… pink?!

“Bleu” by Chanel or the worthy successor of “Allure Homme”

Eleven years after the release of the pretty juice with many faces “Allure”, the house of Chanel sought to reproduce a beautiful masculine fragrance around the strong concept of nonconformism. We may call ourselves Chanel and be a huge label in haute-couture and perfumery, that does not prevent us from being also very interested in what men want. Thus was born the fragrance “Bleu” by the same designer as “Allure”, Jacques Polge the famous nose from Chanel.

In order to create the advertising spot that will be the launching point of this new perfume, we choose to embody the free and sensual man Gaspard Ulliel and his magnificent sharp blue eyes as well as the brilliant director Martin Scorsese. As a result, the film in the black-bluish universe of the precious bottle, tells us the story of a young prodigy played by Gaspard Ulliel. In the middle of the interview, he meets the gaze of the one he loved before. Between flashbacks, close-ups of looks (which of course are blue …) and torrid passions, the story transports us and brings us to “blue”, rather to “Blue” to finally see the man free from his chains and ” Break “in all directions its barriers.

“ Blue ”is therefore a universe where Man is elegant, brilliant, sensual, in love and above all totally free.

A powerful and sharp fragrance like a wind of masculine freedom

Like an ode to freedom and love, “Bleu” by Chanel offers aromatic and woody fragrances with finesse and elegance. The fragrance opens with a sparkling cocktail of citrus notes of lemon, spicy pink berries and aromatic spearmint and fresh. The heart will sway between woody notes of vetiver and cedar and spicy and floral hints of ginger and jasmine. In order to offer a powerful and racy trail to the “Blue” Man, the fragrance will end with more classic base notes of patchouli, sandalwood and incense while offering the powers of labdanum and vetiver immersed in a fresh floral sweetness of white musks. < / p>

The bottle, like this composition which plays with the contrasts between powerful and classic sparkles and curves, offers a broad and very masculine “build” while making the dark blue of its delicate and slightly transparent bottle shine.

“Bleu” by Chanel, offers an eau de toilette as mysterious and racy as the powerful and bewitching gaze of its incarnation on the screen. Blending wonderfully the classics of men’s perfumery while modernizing them with floral or delicately spiced raw materials such as ginger, “Bleu” has conquered the hearts of men while capturing that of their women …

Released in 2010, “ Bleu de Chanel ”which looks like Mademoiselle, mainly by its nonconformist side. Whether in her ready-to-wear creations or in her perfumes, Gabrielle Chanel has always been able to impose her tastes, her vision of fashion, even if that was not what others expected of her. Both fresh and very elegant, “Bleu de Chanel” is a fragrance unlike any other. This aromatic-fresh blend harmoniously aromatic, fresh, woody, and citrus notes.

Bleu de Chanel, a screenplay written by Jacques Polge

Jacques Polge has been Chanel’s official perfumer since 1978. At that time, he succeeded Henri Robert, father of N ° 19 (among others). He had the heavy task of innovating while maintaining the elegance of Mademoiselle’s style. He had to prove himself, because his predecessor did not want to give him the composition of “Chanel N ° 5” from the start … His first perfume “Coco” is a tribute to Gabrielle Chanel. With this fragrance, he also proves that Chanel was right to trust him. Success will never leave him since his perfumes are among the best-selling on the planet! We owe to Jacques Polge absolutely mythical essences such as “Allure, Égoïste, Coco Noir, Chance, Antaeus” or “Diva” from Ungaro. In 2012, Jacques Polge retired, leaving his place to his son, Olivier Polge… Is talent in their genes?

The unexpected and mysterious notes of Bleu de Chanel

Here, Chanel has decided to see life in blue and to offer these gentlemen a fragrance with irresistible, mysterious and so masculine charm. The bottle, in its sleek, dark blue design, already announces the elegance that is contained inside. Manly and tender, “Bleu de Chanel” plays on the association of woody, musky notes with peppermint! “Bleu de Chanel” opens with zesty and dazzling notes, those of Calabrian lemon, orange and grapefruit. These citrus notes are nevertheless quickly enhanced by peppermint, rose berries and nutmeg. The heart of “Bleu de Chanel” is both warm and flowery. Indeed, it associates jasmine with cedar wood, bringing the base notes to a virile trail. We will therefore discover, in base notes, a combination of cistus labdanum, patchouli, olibanum and sandalwood then bringing male seduction to its peak.

Free and daring, the composition of“ Bleu de Chanel ”is above all nonconformist, in homage to Mademoiselle. Because “Bleu de Chanel” combines citrus notes with fresh, aromatic and woody notes, the fragrance is as virile as it is tender.

Woody Spicy Citrus

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