Eau de toilette Fleur du Mâle Jean-Paul Gaultier

Eau de toilette Fleur du Mâle Jean-Paul Gaultier

Male Flower: The man who was not afraid of flowers!

Francis Kurkdjian, the nose of Le Mâle , will therefore offer with these Fleurs du Mâle a powerful and sensual orange blossom propelled by beautiful aromatic and animal masculinities. Because the Fleur du Mâle man is at least as virile as he is modern.

Fleur du Mâle or a new break in scent codes for a masculine and flowery fragrance

Fleur du Mâle is a perfume that plays without any desire to hide it between the very compartmentalized and very established codes of perfumery and fashion. Yet the trend, whether sartorial or aesthetic, is pushing for mixtures of genres, boyish women and men very concerned about their appearance and their seduction are now common, even at the forefront of fashion. A mix of genres on which Jean-Paul Gauthier has always been inspired for his haute-couture creations, but also now for his Fleur du Mâle fragrance.

“What there was to claim, to shake up has been done … Now, we savor! »Said Jean-Paul Gauthier for Fleur du Mâle. So inevitably the humor of the haute-couture master will mingle with the genius of provocation by offering a visual for Fleur du Mâle both funny and offbeat where the sexy and ultra virile man poses like a diva in a bathtub filled with roses. Better yet, Fleur du Mâle’s video advertisement features a “male” in the exacerbated manner of a feminine perfume, a very effective and funny nod to the rupture of scent genres.

Of course Fleurs du Mâle is also a perfume of poetry referring to the magnificent collection of poems by Baudelaire. Are sophistication, elegance, flowers and poetry only the elegance of women? The codes are broken and modernity is finally opening up to these gentlemen, it is about time!

Male Flower or the mix between daring flowers and powerful virile animalities

Fleur du Mâle will therefore be dressed in the elegant and very masculine bust of Le Mâle. However, this time Fleur du Mâle will take on an immaculate and varnished white color as if to better symbolize the whiteness of its orange blossom, the centerpiece of this perfume.

The tangy freshness of bergamot and petit grain combined with the power of basil and lavender launches the top notes in a dazzling and dynamic opening while already being floral. In the heart, the flowery notes will be much more frank thanks to the neroli flower which shows us its prettiest solar, fragrant and exotic facets while being reinforced by a tonic geranium. The base notes will be burning with animal sensualities by combining the addictive effects of coumarin, benzoin, vetiver and vanilla.

This masculine scent is for Jean-Paul Gauthier a fragrance where “everything is disorder, luxury and generosity “. Fleur du Mâle is above all a gourmet and generous flower for a Male who is not cold in the eyes but who will not betray his graceful elegance… The scent of a modern man in short!

With Classic and Male , both composed by big names in perfumery, Jean-Paul Gaultier has been able to exhale in scents the beauty and originality of his haute couture lines in original, innovative and particularly appreciated perfumes. Bold and a bit provocative, the stylist has never ceased to amaze us, just like the perfumer who gave birth to Le Mâle, they both proved it in 2007 with Male Flower.

When Jean-Paul Gaultier and Francis Kurkdjian offer a flower to a beautiful male with Fleur du Mâle

For Jean-Paul Gaultier, fashion has its trends that he prefers not to follow in order to better leave s ” express his daring, his madness and above all his genius! & nbsp; Because the one we nickname “the enfant terrible of fashion” has always been able to amaze by proposing eccentric ideas that will turn out to be strokes of genius each time, whether for its collections or for its perfumes.

For perfumery, Jean-Paul Gaultier had chosen for Classique as well as for Le Mâle to address two geniuses of perfume organs: the great Jacques Cavallier for Classique and the young and talented Francis Kurkdjian for Le Male. Everyone has been able to offer the stylist a perfumed digest of his finest values ​​between retro charms and dazzling modernity.

However the duo Jean-Paul Gaultier-Francis Kurkdjian had not yet revealed all of their crazy daring and they will draw for the new adventures of Le Mâle a new story even more astonishing than the first one with Fleur du Mâle in 2007. Because Fleur du Mâle is not only a beautiful poetic allusion to the famous collection of poetry by Charles Baudelaire, it is before the whole marriage of the exacerbated virility of powerful notes and the solar femininity of an orange blossom never before used in men’s perfumery.

Male flower or the unexpected masculinity of an orange blossom

If Jean-Paul Gaultier loves to surprise above all else, perfumer Francis Kurkdjian is not to be outdone in particular in offering perfumes that are unlike any other. By offering this orange blossom to Fleur du Mâle, the perfumer hits the mark by working with one of his favorite raw materials and above all by offering for the first time to a male bottle a solar and powerful flower previously reserved for female perfumery.

But Fleur de Mâle, just like Francis Kurkdjian, has nothing to do with the traditional divisions of classic perfumery and will go to prove that orange blossom knows very well how to marry woody powers. or animal without losing an ounce of virility to the whole.

Male Flower thus opens with the classic citrus and aromatic freshness of the original bottle. But in the heart, the beautiful orange blossom will open the doors of its opulent scents to the green nervousness of geranium and small grain twigs. Finally, the powers of benzoin, vanilla and vetiver will form, with the powerful and overdosed coumarin, intense virile depths which will contrast wonderfully with the flowery notes of the heart.

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