Eau de toilette Le Male Boule à Neige Jean-Paul Gaultier

Eau de toilette Le Male Boule à Neige Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultiuer signs a snow globe for his Le Male perfume

What is more, its bottle is frequently reinvented over the seasons, events and the creativity of Jean-Paul Gaultier. Thus, it allows to perpetuate its notoriety. Today, Jean-Paul Gaultier has once again let his inventiveness speak for itself. He decided to focus on the Christmas holidays and revisited Le Mâle in a brand new bottle called Le Mâle Boule à Neige.

The unchanged fragrance imagined by Jean-Paul Gaultier

First of all , let’s start by pointing out that The Male Snow Globe has kept exactly the same scent as its predecessor. Indeed, it is not an olfactory revisit but simply the presentation of a new design of its bottle. The Snow Globe Male opens with a particularly fresh and lively scent, reminiscent of the scent of a mint diabolo. Thus, Le Mâle Boule à Neige begins with a combination of fresh mint, bergamot and orange blossom. . Then, lavender, star of this perfume, enters the scene. It gives this juice a scent similar to that of the shaving soap used in the past by men. Moreover, this is where the retro side of this perfume comes from. Lavender is also associated with mugwort and both are punctuated with spices. The Male Snow Globe contains cardamom, cinnamon and cumin. Its wake becomes more virile and sensual. The Male Snow Globe has a base of cedar, vanilla, sandalwood and musk.

The new bottle of Le Mâle Boule à Neige perfume

But then, what about the new bottle of this perfume? The Male Snow Globe immediately plunges us into the Christmas atmosphere. Her bust is now covered with a white and red striped sweater. Likewise, it rests on a red base. After all, what better shade to evoke Christmas than this? The whole is also covered with a transparent glass bell. You just have to turn this original container by Jean-Paul Gaultier to see a multitude of flakes twirling around. The bust of Jean-Paul Gaultier is thus plunged into the heart of winter. Here again, it is a question of appealing to our childhood memories. After all, who never rocked a snow globe in childhood, getting caught up in the dance of the snowflakes contained in the inside? Snow globes have been delighting young and old for a century now. It is therefore a real pleasure to rediscover this cult essence of men’s perfumery inside this Viennese object, emblematic of our traditions.


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