Eau de toilette Les Infusions de Prada Orange Blossom Prada

Eau de toilette Les Infusions de Prada Orange Blossom Prada

Orange Blossom Infusion: A delicious fragrance!

In 2009, 2 years after the first opus, Infusion de Fleur d’Oranger whispered beautiful fresh and deliciously Mediterranean scents to the noses of the few privileged customers of this edition, basically limited.

Orange blossom infusion or the silent caress of hesperidic irreverence

While Prada’s Infusions Ephémères today form a magnificent collection of seven fragrances accessible to all, this was not always the case. In fact, Prada first offered its now famous Infusion d’Iris and then Infusion de Fleur d’Oranger in limited editions and with little or no advertising campaign.

Conceptually releasing a perfume, whatever it is, without communication seems totally suicidal. It would be forgetting the genius of the designer Miuccia Prada and her exceptional nose Daniela Andrier! By making the first two Prada Infusions niche perfumes, perfumes that exalt beauty and exceptional raw materials, they simply created… a treasure!

“The secret of these compositions [Les Infusions de Prada], which nevertheless bear the names of ingredients, is not so much what they smell but how they smell. Rather than screaming like most juices today, they whisper ”1, a faithful infusionist told Le Figaro Madame journalists.

So for this Orange Infusion there will be no advertising campaign, no eye-catching visual, just the magnificent retro bottle. The treasure is well inside!

A sunny taste of Italy offered by the gourmet and sparkling Infusion de Fleur d’Oranger from Prada

How not to notice the retro jewel offered by the design of the Orange Blossom Infusion bottle? Like a precious apothecary’s bottle, it is opulent and square just adorned with the metallic plaque of its creation “Prada. Milano. Dal 1913 ”. Like a throwback to the heyday, Orange Blossom Infusion does not hesitate to present the famous ingredients of its composition on the label.

Daniela Andrier, in love with her favorite citrus fruits, offers a dazzling start to Infusion de Orange Blossom thanks to notes of mandarin combined with the opulent and exotic neroli flower of Tunisia. Then the heart lights up with Indian sambac jasmine and orange blossom to better let itself be invaded by the flowery mysteries of Indian tuberose. The depths melt into soapy notes that will powder with pleasure, like a childish delicacy that can be enjoyed endlessly.

Solar and luminous, Orange Blossom Infusion exudes both daring and retro know-how of the tandem Miuccia Prada and Daniela Andrier. A precious summer elixir, Orange Blossom Infusion is offered as a delicacy and can be tasted from the nostrils like a great vintage!

After the magnificent Infusion d ‘Iris, it was hardly possible for the shock duo formed by Miuccia Prada and Daniela Andrier to stop there! Better still, they offered us Infusion of Orange Blossom but also Infusion of Vetiver the same year. Then they continued to amaze us with their Infusion over the years to never stop. But what is this Orange Blossom Infusion that makes us dream so much?

Orange Blossom Infusion or the delicate marriage of retro scents and modern accords

The birth of the Infusions de Prada collection came with the first limited edition release of Infusion d’Iris in 2015. A composition so delicate, so distinguished that it delighted aesthetes of perfumery and a demand so bloated that it was necessary to offer it to everyone’s nostrils, it was done a year later.

Quickly, Miuccia Prada and Daniela Andrier embellished Infusion d’Iris with two other fragrances. also precious Infusion of Vetiver and Infusion of Orange Blossom. These three perfumes together formed the brand new collection of Infusions de Prada. Fragrances created solely for the purpose of magnifying raw materials and blending past and present in sophisticated yet sober volutes, unlike all current trends, in fact. A crazy and daring bet that Daniela Andrier won hands down as the quality of her fragrances leaves no one indifferent.

“I am indeed at the antipodes of a rowdy perfumery. There are so many clichés in this universe. I don’t believe that all women want to wear a sexy fragrance or perfume the gourmet caramel. “& Nbsp; exclaims Daniela Andrier about Infusions de Prada.

Daniela Andrier, Miuccia Prada and their common passion for the multifaceted orange blossom

Thus Infusion de Fleur d ‘ Orange tree is an ode to the neroli flower, this flower that Daniela Andrier is particularly fond of, this flower that she has worked in many ways as she is so passionate, almost in love.

“I believe that I will never be done with orange blossom, smiles Daniela Andrier, after a long interview around this component of modern perfumery. A note that is both precise and multiple which is sometimes sensual, limpid or concentrated depending on the interpretations she has made of it in her career. “

So Orange Blossom Infusion opens up sparkling and luminous notes of mandarins and small grains. Then in the heart the precious neroli flower appears in its most beautiful light, accompanied by the delicacy of notes of jasmine and the mysterious and sensual force of tuberose. This intense floral heat will be filled by the enveloping presence of white musks and some powdery notes to better carry us to the heights of these sunny scented volutes.

Let yourself be carried away by an Infusion of Orange Blossom and breathe in summer and the scents of sun-kissed flowers … and do not try to resist it!


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