Eau de toilette Les Infusions de Prada Vetiver Prada

Eau de toilette Les Infusions de Prada Vetiver Prada

Infusion of vetiver: The masculine treasures of Infusions de Prada

The Infusions, in real perfumed works , are now famous and are aimed at both a female and male hearing. Moreover, these gentlemen had the privilege of having their dedicated Infusion, Infusion for Men. But by offering Infusion de Tubéreuse to these ladies in 2010, Prada offered a new male opus, Infusion de Vetiver.

Infusion of Vetiver or the tender green of a masculine-feminine woody flavor

Each bottle of Infusions de Prada is offered in a limited edition that looks like a treasure as the fame of these precious bottles is immense. For the unlucky ones, it was not until 2015 and the reissue of the famous Infusions of Iris, Orange Blossom or Vetiver to finally be able to exhale them.

Thus, Infusion de Vetiver was offered in two eras to Prada perfume customers: in 2010 on a limited basis and then in 2015 with a beautiful reissue. The least that can be said is that Infusion de Vetiver, like its predecessors, plays with its beauties against the current of current perfumery.

Communication campaigns are relatively discreet and do not play with muse or eye-catching visuals . In fact, for Infusion de Vetiver as for Infusion d’Iris, it is the customers and perfume lovers who talk about it the best. “Against bad luck (commercial), good heart: in an industry obsessed with novelty, Prada Infusions are regularly cited as paragons. »1 tells us Le Figaro Madame.

Infusion of Vetiver, this beautiful, soft and fresh woody note, is therefore discreet and yet so seductive. The talented nose of the Prada house, Daniela Andrier does not seek to create a perfume which sells, but rather a perfume which wants to be! And in view of its good reputation, Infusion de Vetiver “wanted” a lot …

A fresh vetiver warmed by dynamic spices for Vetiver Infusion

Like its precious predecessors, Infusion de Vetiver is offered in an opulent, square glass bottle that is both sober and not without a retro charm in tune with the times. The soft green of the cap echoes the “flavor / scent” of vetiver. As for the now famous metal plate, it also brings a very aesthetic vintage originality.

The beautiful summery Infusion de Vétiver could not open without the fetish accord of its creator around the citrus freshness of bergamot and neroli flower from Tunisia. However, for this rather manly opus, Daniela Andrier has chosen to include the strength of black pepper and tarragon notes at the top. At the heart, the Turkish rose brings its flowery delicacy which marries wonderfully with the exotic freshness of ginger. Finally, Haitian vetiver offers its woody depths with crazy tenderness and powdery luminosity.

“An imprint of Vetiver reviving memories of a tender green, the fruit of an unexpected combination: the freshness of ginger and spicy notes energize the tender accord of Vetiver ”Prada for Infusion de Vetiver.


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