Eau de toilette Les Sorbets de Luna Nina Ricci

Eau de toilette Les Sorbets de Luna Nina Ricci

A Luna fragrance like an ice sorbet

Among her most famous perfumes, Les Belles de Nina never ceases to be talked about. This assortment of three fragrances is made up of Nina, Luna and Bella. Each of these heroines has its own personality. Nina is romantic. Luna is more mysterious. Bella is extravagant. However, today, all three have decided to become greedy. These perfumes are reinvented in limited editions specifically designed for summer 2019. Focus on Les Sorbets de Luna, the bluish version of this unique trio.

Les Sorbets de Luna, when the gluttony of ice cream comes to perfumery < / h2>

As the name of this fragrance suggests, Les Sorbets de Luna is inspired by a delicious Italian ice cream. Nina Ricci thus offers you a pure moment of pleasure, guaranteed zero calories! With such advantages, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of such a treat… Luna’s Sorbets are a tribute to a famous brand of ice cream: the Amorino brand. “Created by two childhood friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi, Amorino was founded in 2000: the quality of its ingredients, its focus on organic products, respect for tradition and Italian know-how are values ​​that are at the heart of its philosophy ”. Her sense of rigor associated with gluttony are all elements that can be found in Nina Ricci’s new perfume. Besides, the bottle of Luna’s Sorbets strangely resembles a small scoop of ice cream. If it takes the shape of an apple from the previous Luna, its color has been completely redesigned. From now on, Les Sorbets de Luna offers an infinitely trendy pastel blue. Its hood is fully covered in the sparkling golden cage. What is more, as if to evoke the gluttony contained in this perfume, its front side seems to have been munched to the fullest.

Les Sorbets de Luna, a delicious granita pear

Nina Ricci’s Sorbets de Luna is an infinitely refreshing juice. Designed by Fabrice Pellegrin, it is similar to a pear granita. It therefore intends to bring you an intense and juicy freshness in the heart of summer. For this, he first relies on an alliance of bergamot and nashi pear. Coming from Asia, this fruit gives off a hint of exoticism associated with a delicious flavor. Then, Les Sorbets de Luna lets her femininity speak for itself in a trio of flowers. Her heart is like a huge carnal and generous bouquet. It combines peony, jasmine and gardenia. Finally, Les Sorbets de Luna is based on a milky cedar and a more sensual and animal touch of musk. Little by little, Les Sorbets de Luna warms up until it becomes infinitely seductive.

Les Sorbets de Luna is available from February 2019 and comes in two formats of 50 and 80 ml.

The Nina Ricci house is not a perfume brand like the others and tries to tell us a story with each of its perfumes. Thus, when she developed Nina, in 2006, she wanted above all to symbolize the image of a romantic woman, like a young heroine straight out of a fairy tale . Then, little by little, over the years, it seems that young Nina has freed herself from all constraints to leave more room for her freedom and her emancipation. She metamorphosed into another young woman named Luna, more mysterious and endowed with a strong temperament. Today, it is precisely Luna that is in the spotlight, enriched with a delicacy evocative of an Italian ice cream. The new Luna Sorbet intends to give you a taste of summer before the

Les Sorbets de Luna , a refreshing ice cream

With this niche fragrance, Nina Ricci wanted not only to evoke the story of her heroine, the famous Luna, but also to pay tribute to a famous brand of Italian ice cream. Thus, to echo the freshness of this typically summer delicacy, Nina Ricci has bet on fruits and citrus fruits. All the frosty intensity of Luna’s Sorbets reappears from its top notes. Bergamot first floods this scent with its absolute freshness, while adding a slightly lemony, tangy and zesty breath. The pear, meanwhile, joins the game. Greener and crunchier, it gives an extra touch of pep’s to Luna’s Sorbets and testifies to a woman who does not lack bite or energy!

All the femininity of Luna in a new Sorbet < / h2>

Then, as always with Nina Ricci, it’s femininity’s turn to be honored. Indeed, romanticism and lightness are values ​​dear to the brand, which explode in a particularly generous bouquet. The Sorbets de Luna are structured around three main flowers. The peony deploys here a breath close to that of the rose and lily of the valley. It reveals a certain lightness associated with an indisputable sensuality. Jasmine, on the other hand, is smoother, more sunny and opulent. Finally, the magnolia, flower of Chinese origin, here makes us succumb to its spring charm. Very close to jasmine, it has an intense power of attraction while preserving a very airy side.

Les Sorbets de Luna, a fragrance with a woody and sensual trail

Finally, Luna’s Sorbets finally play the femme fatale card by ending with an animal base of musk. Not content to bring animality to this perfume, this ingredient also strengthens its hold. It is associated with a more woody touch of cedar which further reinforces the depth of this juice and which gives structure to the whole, leaving on your skin a trail of lasting and infinitely greedy desire.


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