Eau de toilette Narciso Rouge Narciso Rodriguez

Eau de toilette Narciso Rouge Narciso Rodriguez

After the eau de parfum, here is the eau de toilette

In this context, Narciso was born in 2014, as if to highlight the elegance and glamor of its couture creations by dressing them in a sumptuous perfume. Referring to the first name of the creator, while evoking mythology, Narciso did not take long to find a place of choice in the world of perfumery. Today, it returns to the front of the stage and offers itself a sixth edition. Focus on Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette.

Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette, a perfume perfectly anchored in the world of Narciso Rodriguez

“A friend of Narciso Rodriguez once confided to him that each time his wife wore his creations, he was captivated by the sensuality she exuded. Inspired by the reactions aroused by his sensual and elegant silhouettes, Narciso Rodriguez wanted to create a modern fragrance, of ultimate luxury, which pays homage to the seductive power of women ”. It is therefore precisely this sensuality and femininity that we find in the new Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette. In addition, he seems to have in him a little of the different facets of each of his predecessors. Just like the first Narciso of 2014, Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette preserves a milky and creamy side. Very elegant, it evokes the powdery breath of its 2016 edition. Symbol of purity, it follows in the footsteps of Narciso Red from 2018 . However, it has its own personality and offers women an unprecedented sensory experience.

The airy and refined scent of Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette

On the scent side, again, Narciso Rodriguez’s DNA is clearly recognizable. Indeed, Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette revolves around one of the designer’s star ingredients: musk. Although very seductive and animal, this time it is more luminous and airy, more suited to hot summer days. Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette is now enveloped in a feminine accord of rose and lily of the valley. Its flowers are enhanced with a woody cedar accord. Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette ends with a generous and almond base of tonka bean.

This passionate and seductive fragrance is presented to us in a vermilion red bottle. Very similar to the visual of the previous Narciso Rouge, it is nevertheless distinguished by a few details … Its cap is now transparent, while its name is displayed in a white color. These two elements perfectly echo the purity of this new juice. The set fits perfectly with the architectural and contemporary design of Narciso Rodriguez. Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette comes in a cubic bottle, the red color of which is embedded in a thicker wall of glass. Behind its apparent simplicity, this bottle is the result of countless research and even a patent filing to protect its unique technique.

The Narciso perfume was born in 2014, evoking both the name of the creator Narciso Rodriguez, just like the myth of Narcissus, a resolutely romantic story and also possessing a very strong power of universal evocation. Since ancient times, narcissus has symbolized seduction imbued with mystery. However, in this year 2019, it is precisely on this axis that Narciso Rodriguez has oriented its niche fragrance. Declining the scent of the very first Narciso, he created Narciso Rouge, a more passionate and more opulent perfume than before. So what about the composition of Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette? How did Narciso Rodriguez emphasize his musk heart to give it more vibration and intensity?

Musk, an inseparable ingredient of Narciso Rodriguez

Since launch in perfumery, Narciso Rodriguez is quite simply fascinated by the scent of musk. Thus, he made it the main ingredient in his compositions. Usually, however, musk is placed more in the base notes of perfumes. Bold and very inventive, Narciso Rodriguez does not hesitate to use it in the heart notes of his olfactory recipes. Once again, in the Narciso Rouge perfume it becomes the central element. Here, it only amplifies the animal and seductive side of this perfume. Indeed, musk is indeed an animal raw material that was once extracted from the abdominal glands of an Asian buckshot. Yes but here it is, to get it, musk deer usually had to be killed. This practice is now prohibited, the scent of musk is reproduced in the laboratory. Appreciated by perfumers for its complexity and its many reliefs, musk gives off a strong, seductive and slightly woody scent. Musk has no equal for improving Narciso Rouge’s hold, while amplifying its share of mystery. It symbolizes here all the passion that Narciso Rodriguez wanted to integrate into his composition.

The other raw materials contained in Narciso Rouge Eau de Toilette

Besides musk, Narciso Rodriguez used two different olfactory families in the Narciso Rouge fragrance. At first, he relied on floral ingredients to highlight all the femininity of his fragrance. The Bulgarian rose, a great classic of women’s perfumery, preserves its very fresh and somewhat lemony side. More fruity than rose absolute, it is ideal in the top notes of perfumes to give them more lightness and romanticism. Here, in the flight of Narciso Rouge, the rose is accompanied by iris, one of the noblest flowers on the perfumer’s entire palette. Renowned for its elegance, iris gives Narciso Rouge a powdery and refined side. To cope with this floral scent, Narciso Rouge rests on a more woody base. This fragrance ends with a duo of vetiver and white and black cedar wood. Finally, the tonka bean envelops the whole of its almond and lightly toasted note. It only amplifies the animal aspect of musk, while enhancing the powdery flavor of iris. Undeniably, the tonka bean helps to reinforce the harmony of the whole of Narciso Rouge.

Woody Musky

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