Eau de toilette Nina L'Eau Nina Ricci

Eau de toilette Nina L’Eau Nina Ricci

Nina the Water, Nina forever

In 1932, she founded the Nina Ricci house and moved to rue des Capucines in Paris. Nina Ricci asserts herself as a successful and passionate designer. She embarked on perfumery in 1941. The bottle where the two doves symbolize freedom will become iconic. “Nina” made its appearance in 2006 , with another legendary bottle, the apple. In 2013, after several olfactory variations, the brand presented “Nina l’Eau”, crisper than ever.

Once upon a time Nina …

Above all, you should know that the very first perfume “Nina” was a tribute from Robert Ricci to his deceased mother… In 2006, Nina Ricci presented “Nina”, an ultra romantic essence which depicts a happy and joyful young woman. “Nina” looks like a modern day princess. Over the fragrances, “Nina” transforms and becomes in turn, sweet, fruity, mysterious, sensual, but “Nina” is always sparkling as you wish. With “Nina”, the deliciously gourmet apple-shaped bottle becomes for the brand like a second identity, which sticks to its skin. In 2013, the brand imagined “Nina l’Eau”. The latter is the essence of a young girl who becomes a woman. “Nina l’Eau” transports us to a world of dreams, lightness and magic. The pretty young girl from the start hasn’t changed, she just grew up, but it has kept all its charm. With “Nina l’Eau”, our princess offers us a new chapter of the fairy tale, delicately fresh and ultra crunchy.

The flower-fruity structure of Nina l’Eau

While enchantment and dreams are always at the center of “Nina” fragrances, “Nina l’Eau” is intended to be more sensual and more liberated. Its floral-fruity structure reveals an airy water. “Nina l’Eau” begins with the refreshing note of neroli. The latter pairs wonderfully with sweet and juicy fruits such as tangerine, grapefruit and apple. In the heart, apple blossom mixes with the pleasure of gardenia. The base is ultra sensual thanks to the presence of white musks. For the bottle, Nina Ricci wanted to take back the legendary apple. This one is tinged with a softer, frosty pink. Its silver and white cap offers a magical and very contemporary side.

“Nina l’Eau” is a new page from the fairy tale Nina. Princess of modern times, Nina has evolved in a world of sweetness and magic. Older, but still as charming, “Nina the Water” reveals a new personality of Princess Nina. The apple, a mythical object and bottle, is still present. White and silvery, it is fresher and more crunchy than ever.

Nina was born in 2006 from the talents of the master of gourmet perfumes Olivier Cresp. From then on, the magical perfume will be an incredible success and Nina will sell 1,500 copies per day all over the world. How then to imagine that Nina’s magic cannot spread through pretty variations? This will be done with Nina the Elixir then Nina L’Eau in 2013. Nina L’Eau will be the more feminine and frosty version for an even deeper dreamlike universe.

A scented frozen swirl called Nina Water …

The universe of Nina Ricci perfumes has been imbued for several years with a touch of adolescent romanticism but also a good dose of magic, a magic made to evoke this delicate age between child and woman. Nina, composed by Olivier Cresp, was therefore totally created to meet the desires of teenage girls. Greedy, very greedy, Nina is also very sensual. A sensuality that will also be finely exploited in Nina l’Elixir, a few years later.

Regarding Nina l’Eau, Olivier Cresp did not seek to particularly highlight the sensuality or the gluttony of the original bottle, these facets having already been explored in the previous variations. Nina Water will be much more of a cool, even icy version as the house suggests, of Nina. However, despite this intense freshness, Olivier Cresp has also created for this Nina l’eau a universe more woman and less child which plays with coldness to be more enveloping, more flowery too.

“The wind youthful, lively, light and sensual. »Nina Ricci for Nina l’Eau.

Nina l’Eau, a perfume for women

Nina, the original bottle composed by Olivier Cresp in 2006, being particularly a perfume focused on delicacies. Because if Nina opened on citrus heads, we were quickly propelled into sweet hearts of notes of apples, raspberries and strawberries married to delicate flowers to better end our trip in addictive pralines and vanilla or even a bit regressive. .

For Nina l’Eau, only the apple will be kept, a signature apple of the Nina range of perfumes, on the other hand, the fruity and very sweet delicacies will be forgotten in favor of cherry and blackcurrant notes, deeper red fruits but also aimed at older women.

This maturity of Nina l’Eau will also be determined by the advantage given to the flowery and fresh notes. Indeed the heads of Nina l’Eau will be very accentuated by the presence of many different citrus notes: bergamots, lemons, oranges… A marine note also appears for the first time in a Nina.

Finally the heart of gardenia and neroli is particularly evident in this Nina eau, as if to better display the contrast between the icy top notes and the warm light of the exotic flowers. Powerful contrasts which, once again, are addressed to women with assertive femininity, unlike Nina, more intended for young girls.

“In this new opus, Nina is more sensual, mysterious and stamped. “Nina Ricci for Nina 1’Eau.


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