Eau de toilette Nina Pop Nina Ricci

Eau de toilette Nina Pop Nina Ricci

Nina Pop brings color to your life

It was indeed in 2006 that “Nina” was born. A magical perfume and a famous bottle for a grandiose success. In 10 years, “Nina” has never stopped reinventing itself, giving birth each year to new olfactory creations… Ten years of emotion, envy, gluttony! To mark this very special anniversary, Nina Ricci reveals the new kid “Nina Pop”. A pop whirlwind for a very arty universe.

Nina Pop, a more festive essence than ever

For this new essence, Nina Ricci did not wish to destabilize her many fans and connoisseurs. “Nina Pop” will therefore retain the same olfactory framework, that is to say its scent of candy apple, juicy and sparkling at will. The top notes open with a caipirinha chord. This very sweet essence blends with lime and Calabrian lemon. The heart of “Nina Pop” is a mixture of peony petals, for sensuality, with praline, for gourmet notes. This is where the apple comes in. A red, sweet, fleshy and vanilla apple that you want to bite into. The base releases aromas of cedar wood and apple wood. Finally, musk ultimately offers woody and warm notes.

The apple, the forbidden fruit by Nina Ricci

The success of “Nina” would not be the same without its iconic bottle, the apple of love! The forbidden fruit is an integral part of Nina Ricci’s DNA, since the first apple-shaped perfume dates from 1952 with “Fille d’Ève”. The “Nina Pop” bottle therefore retains its apple shape, revisited in a more contemporary way. His style is more arty, understand more pop and very colorful. The apple of “Nina Pop” is lacquered in a radiant white color. It is dotted with many small festive circles, red, pink, yellow, purple or blue. For this occasion, Nina Ricci has put the small dishes in the big ones, by organizing a multitude of joyful events. “Nina Pop” even got a big birthday present… Did you say greedy?

Nina Ricci has decided to delight her fans in love with sweet fragrances. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its cult perfume “Nina”, the brand gives birth to “Nina Pop”. If Nina Ricci did not want to completely revisit the composition of “Nina Pop”, the latter is however crisper and more pop than ever. Collectors will be able to add one more apple to their happiness. Indeed, the forbidden fruit of Nina Ricci is always an integral part of its perfume. More colorful and more delicious, “Nina Pop” whets your appetite.


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