Eau de toilette Noa Cacharel

Eau de toilette Noa Cacharel

Noa, pure and light fragrances

Her first fragrance, “Anaïs Anaïs” has become a legend in the world of perfumery, and to help propel the Cacharel house to the forefront. Created in 1998, “Noa” is a fragrance of purity and tenderness. Cacharel defines it as “a perfume of millennial wisdom, that of a particle of the divine that humanity has lost and that it wants to find, share, transmit”.

Noa, pure and light fragrances

Noa is a fragrance of wisdom. Very pure and white, he looks like an angel. “Noa” takes us to question ourselves on true values. Unlike “Loulou” who was in search of personality, “Noa” wants to be in search of meaning. The whole composition is in fact based on the sweetness and voluptuousness of white musks. The softness of “Noa” is comparable to a cloud on which one delicately comes to rest. Loaded with paradoxes, the peony is both milky and peppery, sassy and voluptuous. Coriander and coffee bean then make their starters, enveloped in a drop of benzoin and a hint of incense. Full of emotions and tenderness, “Noa” surrounds us with a beautiful serenity.

The extreme softness of the Noa bottle

If the composition of Noa carries a message of peace and tenderness, it is no less for its bottle. The bottle, entirely dressed in white, gives us an image of absolute purity and softness. Like a cotton cloud, the bottle is also very delicate. The dazzling whiteness is combined here with the transparency of the glass. Its heart forms a pearl that seems to dance weightlessly in its bottle. The pearl twirls and seems locked like the genie in his lamp. This pearl evokes the wisdom that is in us, this little extra soul. Mysterious and luminous, the bottle attracts and one cannot help admiring it. The name of the perfume was not chosen by chance. Indeed, “Noa” is based on a universal sound base, “Noah”, the chosen one of God. “Noa” is an angel bringing light and wisdom.

Founded in 1962, the Cacharel brand was quickly noticed for its romantic designs that followed fashion. Cacharel is also known thanks to the success of “Anaïs Anaïs” who revolutionized the world of perfumery. Released in 1998, “Noa” is intended to convey a message of peace, happiness and gentleness. Its bottle, its ingredients, everything has been chosen to evoke purity. Cacharel played the serenity card and “Noa” is a composition that is out of the ordinary. She offers us as a supplement of soul.

By asking Olivier Cresp to compose his new perfume, the Cacharel house knew very well that the teenage orientations of Anaïs Anaïs or even Loulou would no longer be. Because the master perfumer likes to offer gourmet and sensual perfumes but also very original, which he did with the beautiful Noa, released in 1998. Symbol of peace and light , Noa illuminates the perfumery of the coming century.

Noa de Cacharel or the luminous delicacies of Olivier Cresp

With Anaïs Anaïs, Loulou or even Eden, the house of Cacharel offered young women perfumes that correspond to their needs. questions, to their desires, and quite simply to their age. However, by offering Noa in 1998, the now very famous perfume house moved away from young ladies to focus on peaceful women, women in search of themselves and new values.

In order to create this Zen elixir, Cacharel spoke to the great perfumer Olivier Cresp. The choice of this creator seems more surprising because the nose is much more known for these gourmet compositions, in particular the fabulous Angel, than for its flowery compositions. However, this will not prevent Olivier Cresp from composing a very flowery fragrance for Noa while adding his gourmet signature with scents of coffee, fruity notes and beautiful woody sensualities.

Despite these gourmet accords, Noa is absolutely not a copy of Mugler’s great Angel far from it! The perfumer makes a point of never making two similar fragrances, so each of his creations, although signed with a few very personal raw materials, is a unique creation.

“I forbid myself to making copies so I don’t feel the market, I don’t want the market interfering in my thoughts, in my ideas. “Olivier Cresp.

The serenity of white musks for a fragrance of wisdom called Noa

Noa de Cacharel is described by its composer Oliver Cresp as” a coffee musk “. Obviously, floral accords could not have completely disappeared from a Cacharel perfume as this signature is so emblematic of the house’s fragrances. However in Noa the flowery splendors of lily of the valley or peony are at the same time green and fresh by the top notes of hedione but also sensual and burning by their depths of benzoin and incense.

As for Noa’s coffee accords, they are particularly highlighted by gourmet scents of vanilla, tonka bean and incense, as if the smoke of this so luminous Noa was that of hot coffee. In addition to these warm bases, the fruity notes of plum and peach are also very delicious upon entering this pretty Noa.

The overdose of white musks from the depths of Noa are very representative of the “cocooning” effect that both the perfumer and the house wanted to offer in their bottle. Soft and voluptuous, the mellow clouds of white musks become velvety skin with the heat of sandalwood and cedarwood.


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