Eau de toilette Ô from the Lancôme Orangerie

Eau de toilette Ô from the Lancôme Orangerie

Ô de l’Orangerie, delicately sensual

Every day, researchers are working to bring the best of science. Among the great famous perfumes of the brand, we note “Trésor, Magie Noire, La vie est belle or Magnifique”. In 1969, the Lancôme house unveiled “ ô de Lancôme ”, a fresh and feminine eau de toilette. “Ô d’Azur” in 2009, was intended as a first variation, then “Ô de l’Orangerie” was born in 2011 and puts the orange blossom in the spotlight.

Originally, the Ô de Lancôme

In 1969, the Lancôme brand unveiled its fresh water, “Ô de Lancôme”. The fashion for perfumery was at that time, with heady and sustained essences. However, Lancôme decides to go against the tide and offers light and airy water. As soon as it was released, “Ô de Lancôme” won over a large number of women, including Brigitte Bardot, and will be a timeless success… To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Lancôme wishes to offer its fans a variation as fresh and light as its eldest, “Ô de l’Orangerie”. For this new “Ô”, Lancôme wanted a sensual juice, as delicate as a caress of orange blossom, the central flower of the composition. This fresh essence plunges us into a garden in the middle of an orangery. The freshness is found through a corner of shade, where the smells intoxicate us.

Orange blossom at the heart of the composition

“L’Ô de l’Orangerie” is defined as a sensual, fresh and daring water. Its composition gives pride of place to orange blossom. It is two talented perfumers who are at the origin of this essence, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion. Both have decided to pay tribute to the orange blossom. Dominique Ropion thus expresses the beginnings “We had in mind the idea of ​​a fresh and radiant femininity. We dreamed of a refined fresh water that would celebrate this mythical flower of perfumery by letting it unveil itself with modesty and majesty ”. “L’Ô de l’Orangerie” begins with the fresh notes of bergamot, associated with aquatic notes. Orange is added here by bringing a very particular sparkle. The orange blossom absolute envelops the heart in its beauty. With her, neroli and jasmine deliver touches of great femininity. The base brings together benzoin with woody notes and envelops the whole in a soft sensuality. The bottle uses the codes of its elder. Heavy and majestic, it lets its tender green juice show through almost innocent.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its first fresh water, Lancôme unveils “L’Ô de l’Orangerie”, designed all around orange blossom . Faithful to the Ô de Lancôme, this new variation is meant to be fresh and feminine. However, she is more airy than her eldest and also more sensual. A refined water for a seductive anniversary.

How to bring back to life a great classic in perfumery by modernizing it without being unfaithful to it? This was the challenge of 4 perfumers who created for Lancôme, forty years after Ô, two versions of the mythical fresh water: Ô d’Azur and Ô de l ‘Orangery. If Ô d’Azur sings us the pleasures of a fruity floral, Ô de l’Orangerie has chosen to make orange blossom shine in the fresh cascade of the original juice.

Ô de L’Orangerie or the rebirth of a scented myth in precious orange blossoms

Ô de Lancôme was born in 1969. At the time, colognes were only used by men and women. feminine perfumery was directed much more towards opulent flowery perfumes than towards fresh waters. And yet when the pretty and so fresh Ô came out, a wave of aquatic freshness invaded the shelves of all perfumeries. From then on Ô never left it, becoming over the years one of the undisputed masters of fresh water, just like the famous Eau de Rochas.

To celebrate its fortieth anniversary, Lancôme proposed to four talented perfumers to recreate original and modern compositions around Ô. Ô D’Azur will be composed by Domitille Bertier and Sophie Labbé. Ô de l’Orangerie will be composed by Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo in 2011.

Whether it is Ô d’Azur or Ô de l’Orangerie, the perfumers have chosen to change only the flowery heart. of the cult Ô which was composed at the time of honeysuckle, jasmine and an aromatic-green accord. For Ô d’Azur the heart will be tinged with fruity and sweet notes, for Ô de l’Orangerie it will be the orange blossom and the ozonic note that will fill the flowery heart with their sparkling light.

Knowing the talent of the two perfumers and Dominique Ropion’s great love for orange blossom, it was a safe bet that Ô de l’Orangerie would live up to its brilliant elder.

” Orange blossom: a raw material of great richness which reveals its facets from the purest innocence to the most poisonous charms. A performance ! “& Nbsp; Dominique Ropion.

Between hedione and ozone note, Ô de l’Orangerie modernizes the cult Ô de Lancôme

In order to shake up the codes of perfumery Lancôme had known how to highlight in a feminine perfume the famous hedione molecule, discovered in the 60s. Hedione would be used to create for Ô a fresh waterfall effect. This cascade of Ô or Lancôme water was due not only to the revolutionary molecule known until now only in Eau Sauvage but also thanks to citrus notes of lemon and mandarin with obvious dynamism. Thus the hedione gave the impression of a fusing aquatic freshness while having floral facets mainly recalling the delicate scents of jasmine.

To compose this Ô de l’Orangerie, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo have kept the tangy top notes of Ô but paired them with an ozonic note which this time highlights the solar power of orange blossom much more than the “waterfall” effect. By replacing the hedione with the ozonic note, the two perfumers thus accentuated the aerial top notes while giving the heart very modern metallic powers.

“We had in mind the idea of ​​femininity. fresh and radiant. And we dreamed of a refined fresh eau that would celebrate this mythical flower of perfumery by letting it unveil itself with modesty and majesty “Dominique Ropion on the Ô de l’Orangerie for Lancôme.


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