Eau de toilette Ô Oui Lancôme

Eau de toilette Ô Oui Lancôme

O Yes!… Yes to life!

Lancôme is known the world over for its perfumes and beauty products. In 1964, Lancôme was bought by the Loréal brand, which knew how to keep the spirit of the house. In 1969, Lancôme presented its “Ô de Lancôme” fresh water. In homage to the latter and in order to offer water to the youngest, the Lancôme house presents “Ô Oui! “, An ode to life, to the joy of living.

A tribute to life, to youth

Developed in 1999,” Ô Oui! Is the passage to the new millennium, to a new era. Thirty years earlier, the “Ô de Lancôme” won the prize for fresh waters. The name of this last declension seems to be strong and positive. Yes! assumes its exceptional fragrance and spontaneity. The optimism of this essence is even accentuated by an exclamation mark! A universal and timeless essence that helps young people in the transition to adolescence and the year 2000. “O Yes! »Reveals the freshness of spirit of youth, and offers a positive and optimistic vision of the future. “O Yes” is intended for energetic young women who want to enjoy life to the fullest… For those who say yes to life, to love, to youth, yes to everything!

The floral and fruity notes of Ô Oui

It was Harry Frémont’s nose who concocted the last Lancôme juice of the twentieth century. “O Yes! »Begins with a very fresh and fruity accord, to say the least, with the association of apple, clementine, pineapple and pear. The gourmet tonic notes are washed down with a small dose of vodka. The heart is transparent floral with the presence of rose, freesia and lily of the valley refreshed by a shower of white flower petals (water lily). As for the base, it is woody, amber and sensual thanks to white musks, amber and cedarwood. The bottle is sober and refined. Rectangular, it affirms an “O Yes” to life! “O Yes! “Is the scent of complicity, of life as a couple, of love, of commitment… A cheerful and dynamic scent.

A hymn to life, love and the joy of living…“ O Yes! Is a breathtaking fragrance. Young, cheerful and dynamic, “O Yes! Is the last fragrance of the brand before the year 2000. Fruity and floral, the composition is spontaneous and daring. “O Yes! “Is the scent of all those who want to say yes to life.

Released in 1999, “ Ô Oui ”is the fragrance symbolizing the success of the Lancôme brand at the dawn of the new millennium. Resolutely dedicated to contemporary, spontaneous and modern women, “Ô Oui” is the emotional fragrance of the 2000s. To celebrate the passage into this new millennium, Lancôme also wishes to pay tribute to one of its star fragrances, “Ô de Lancôme” produced 30 years earlier. Optimistic and liberated, the Lancôme woman fascinates, she is just an exceptional woman. “O Yes” is a hymn to life, to youth, to the beauty of women.

Ô Yes, a scented Yes signed Harry Frémont

To create the fragrance symbolizing the beauty of life, the Lancôme brand called on the perfumer Harry Frémont. Born in Cannes, Henry Frémont graduated from the prestigious Versailles school of perfumery, ISIPCA. In 1984 and 1985, Harry Frémont won the Prix de la Société Technique des Parfumeurs de France. In 1990, Harry Frémont joined the Firmenich company in New York. Harry Frémont has a precise idea of ​​what a perfume should be and a journalist explains “He is convinced that an excellent perfume must have character, a signature and a recognizable aura. It must surprise without being overwhelming. Harry does not believe in compromise when it comes to beauty and quality… For him these are equally important aspects of his work that he strives to experience in each of his creations ”… We owe it to Harry Frémont of great perfumes such as “CK” by Calvin Klein or “Mon Paris” by Yves Saint Laurent.

The fruity freshness of the Ô Oui perfume by Lancôme

Very optimistic, ” Ô Oui ”begins with fresh and fruity notes thanks to the presence of bergamot, clementine, tangerine, nectarine, orange combined with the floral and green touch of hyacinth. Clementine was born in the 20th century thanks to Father Clément, a religious from the Oran region (Algeria). Clementine comes from a hybrid between bitter orange and mandarin and will therefore be called clementine in reference to its “founder”. Corsica will cultivate the clementine from 1925, but it will be necessary to wait until 1970 so that the clementine occupies the aisles of the French markets. In perfumery, clementine gives off green, fruity, tangy and sweet tones. Then, the heart of “Ô Oui” is a wonderful combination of flowers and fruits and combines honeysuckle, pineapple, pear, green apple, rose, lily of the valley, white flowers and freesia. Honeysuckle comes from temperate regions of Europe. The honeysuckle is actually a fragrant vine, the leaves of which are attached two by two, face to face. Honeysuckle has been known since ancient times for its antibiotic and antiseptic powers. In perfumery, honeysuckle is what is called a “mute flower”, meaning that an essential oil cannot be extracted from it. It is then reproduced identically in the laboratory. Honeysuckle gives off fresh, green, jasmine and sweet scents. Finally, the base of “Ô Oui” is loaded with sensuality thanks to musks, cedarwood, water lily and amber.


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