Eau de toilette Patchouli L'Eau Réminiscence

Eau de toilette Patchouli L’Eau Réminiscence

Patchouli L’Eau: Refresh the famous Patchouli of Reminiscence?

So Reminiscence offered women of the new millennium a more airy and fresher version of its great classic when it released Patchouli L’Eau in 2009.

Offer the beauty of Patchouli to all women with Patchouli L’Eau

Patchouli de Réminiscence marked the 1970s considerably with its deep and intense oriental scents . It undoubtedly remains the benchmark perfume for all lovers of oriental fragrances in love with deep woods. Yet the large volume of its woody opulence can, for some, be prohibitive. Especially since in recent years we have become accustomed to recognizing patchouli through other lighter, often musky chords.

It is therefore a question of offering a lighter and less dense Patchouli to women who like to adorn themselves with oriental sensualities without carrying a very present trail. By tinting itself with a citrus modernity, Patchouli L’Eau surprises and revisits the great classic with brilliance and always with high quality raw materials, to the delight of those who were waiting for a new olfactory discovery.

Moreover , the reworked visual of Patchouli and Patchouli L’Eau has also been refined! Today the Patchouli range is simply represented by a hand carrying the divine bottle as well as a jewel from the Amerindian collection of Reminiscence. The sobriety of this decor is as artistic as ever, and the house once again demonstrates with “its legendary fragrance” that it does not need ostentatious luxury to shine among the greatest perfume houses.

Patchouli L’Eau or an oriental flight filled with freshness …

Like all the bottles in the Patchouli range from Reminiscence, Patchouli L’Eau appears in a tilted glass. However, the softness of the sandalwood counterbalancing the strength of the patchouli, the cabochon wants to represent this new tenderness by being adorned with a powdery pink, as on its label.

Patchouli L’Eau therefore opens with an astonishing and very innovative departure of hesperids built around orange and tangerine, a first for a fragrance from this oriental range. Then the patchouli of Java, true star of the fragrance, opens the ball of balms and sensual waves. Tolu balm, vanilla, benzoin, labdanum, sandalwood and musk play on multiple facets of patchouli to bewitch us again. Finally, the cocoa absolute surprises us and delights us as much with its ideal bitterness in the tropical atmosphere of the perfume as with its light gluttony which in no way detracts from the sweet sensuality of this Patchouli L’Eau.

“Patchouli L’Eau is a light and fresh wave, which combines the primary qualities of this legendary fragrance with the sweetness of a touch of Sandalwood and Musk. Reminiscent of Patchouli L’Eau.

The Reminiscence house was designed around two great love stories: that of Zoé Coste and Nino Amaddeo and that of the couple for travel, discovery and mixing. Jewelery and perfumery with the famous and cult Patchouli will definitively install the Reminiscence house in the firmament of the stars in the late 1970s. But how to introduce Patchouli to the new millennium? By creating, for example, a lighter version of this incredible potion of sensuality, it will be called Patchouli l’Eau.

When Patchouli is aerial, Patchouli L’Eau is born

Obviously, if we had to choose only one perfume to represent the end of the 70s, it would be called Patchouli de Réminiscence. Composed by Zoé Coste’s passion for scents from elsewhere, Patchouli explodes in our nostrils like a cocktail made from the most precious woods, but also the most sensual. Patchouli is, in essence, the scent of all lovers of hippy culture, of mixed and free culture very representative of the 70s.

If Patchouli is passing the new millennium without taking a wrinkle, the new generation, children born of “patchouli” loves, may judge it as too powerful, too intoxicating in relation to the perfumed culture of the 2000s. Thus, and despite the sudden disappearance of its beloved founder Zoé Coste, Reminiscence will open in 2009 with Patchouli L’eau a new olfactory chapter in the history of Patchouli.

For Patchouli L’Eau, it is Jacques Flori who will be commissioned by Nino Amaddeo and his daughter, to compose in Patchouli a sober and greedy girl who would represent, as Patchouli would have done in her time, the desires of young women and young men today.

“After the Elixir of Patchouli, in 2007, Lilla and Nino Amaddeo create L’Eau de Patchouli, a light and fresh wave, which combines the qualities of res of this mythical fragrance with the sweetness of a touch of sandalwood and musk. “Reminiscence for Eau de Patchouli.

Patchouli Water and patchouli become a sweet treat for Reminiscence

How could the perfumer Jacques Flori succeed in” lightening “without to shake the so cult Patchouli? Well, quite simply by softening its tempestuous character with gourmet and even chocolatey notes. Because he will prove it to us with the new range of fragrances of Notes Gourmandes, the perfumer knows how to speak with sweet notes.

Thus, Patchouli l’Eau opens with the all new freshness of mandarin and of orange, which sets it apart from the great Patchouli which offered an explosion of strong notes right from the start. Then in the heart, balms and resins return gently to appear around a sandalwood that marries with a chocolate note of the most beautiful effect. Benzoin, vanilla and labdanum bring their raw strength to these sweets to preserve the burning trail of its brilliant elder, however Patchouli l’Eau will be much sweeter with hot chocolate than animal forces of a dark wood.

< p> “Less” sexual “and less” earthy “than its big brother Patchouli, this Eau makes you want to melt and blend into yourself to become” the chocolate woman “. “& Nbsp; Olfactorum for Patchouli L’Eau de Réminiscence.


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