Eau Froide Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum

Eau Froide Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum

Cold Water: A heat bath in icy water!

L’Eau Froide, released in 2012, offers an icy wind of freshness where incense has magnified itself in its purest and most crystalline form. What if L’Eau Froide was also hot and sensual water? Who knows!

Is Lutens Cold Water as frozen as it looks?

The creation of the Serge Lutens Waters collection was as astonished as it was… Disappointed! The public who love the sweet perfumes of Orient Lutens would have felt betrayed by this new olfactory novelty with a clean smell. However, on closer inspection, the Waters deserve their place as the artist Lutens has worked with care on this novelty.

L’Eau Froide, the second opus in the collection after Eau in 2010, is presented as an “Icy fluid”. The visual, elaborated with care by the hands of Lutens, offers us a surprising set of images of ice cubes in full melting on a frosty blue background. “We say:” I was hot “,” I have a cold in the back “; I put this principle in Water.” Serge Lutens for L’Eau Froide. The artist’s humor and irony, L’Eau Froide is also… Hot !

Follower of olfactory surprises, Lutens was inspired by the incense tree of the Somali desert to compose an ode to this precious warm and sensual wood. The result is a contrasting and original fragrance which, contrary to appearances, does not have the coldness of a water without character. Let’s not forget that Lutens is fundamentally allergic to “deceptively refreshing colognes whose alcohol evaporates leaving only the citrus notes on your skin”.

Cold Water could therefore be referred to as an “aquatic incense”… without an aquatic note!

Cold Water or the alchemy of iced incense and hot and spicy aromatics

The Eaux de Serge Lutens collection is presented in tall , slender and sober bottles where only the fragrance label is evocative. This time, we can easily imagine that the spelling of the label on the bottle of L’Eau Froide is shaped into a stream of water to remind us of the precious liquid.

Moreover “Once upon a time in 2012, there was a drop of water. Lutens tells us, then begins the scent story of L’Eau Froide. A story that begins with top notes of basil, thyme, mint and anise to carry us away upon entry into a breath of aromatic freshness. Yet the icy wind is also warmed by spices of pink berries and prickled with cypress trees. Then the heart of Guinevere persists in this hot spicy note which brilliantly energizes the woody-aromatic set at the start. Finally, the incense comes to put its intoxicating heat in the depths of the final trail to add its touch of sensuality to L’Eau Froide, even to definitively warm it up and coat it with some cottony and tender white musks.

Cold Water is therefore anything but Cold Water! Of course it gives chills, but also a few drops of sweat. In reality L’Eau Froide has fun with Scottish showers, and it is certain that it cannot leave anyone cold and indifferent!

Woody Spicy

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