Eau Noire Christian Dior Perfume

Eau Noire Christian Dior Perfume

Eau Noire perfume from the Private Dior Collection

Among these three Colognes (which are not really colognes by the way) we will have the pleasure of discovering or rediscovering Eau Noire, a powerful aromatic cologne but also and above all hot! L’Eau Noire, now reissued in the Private collection of Dior, once again offers us its wonders …

When Cologne is adorned with an oriental scented tuxedo, it is called Eau Noire de Dior

Indeed, the Private Collection of Dior did not consist only of the magnificent creative fantasies of François Demachy, the house perfumer since 2006. Thus the Colognes collection which was created at the request of the great Heidi Slimane joined the beautiful bottles of the master perfumer in order to be reborn once again. Bois d’Argent, Cologne Blanche and Eau Noire are once again available to the general public and our nostrils have once again been won over!

It must be said that Heidi Slimane, Dior creative director in the 2000s, not only greatly modernized the haute couture lines but brought to Dior perfumes a touch of absolute modernity and sophistication, in particular to male perfumes. We owe him the magnificent Dior Homme but also Eau Noire, a project in which he has personally invested himself to the point of perfuming himself!

“Slimane was, it seems, closely involved in the design, which took no less than three years. Of the three opuses, Eau Noire is the most personal: it was composed almost to measure for him, according to his tastes, to replace the perfume he had worn since he was 11 years old. »Ambre Gris on Eau Noire, Dior.

Eau Noire plays with retro cologne by displaying aromatic accords so powerful that they are reassuring, but the assurance of this classicism will stop at this start. Because the man of this Eau Noire will quickly be carried to flowery and then oriental countries, much further than traditional male perfumes.

Black water or the delicious encounter between aromatic and oriental accords

L’Eau Noire was designed by the great perfumer Francis Kurkdjian in order to amaze us both with almost classical accords and totally innovative accords. The classicism of Eau Noire is notably linked to the presence of a bouquet of aromatics very representative of the Cologne style. On the other hand, the immortal flower, very rare in perfumery, like saffron, bring an original twist to this cologne unlike any other.

Eau Noire opens with aromatic notes composed of Spanish white thyme leaf absolute and clary sage absolute. Then Lubéron lavender will mingle with the nervousness of cedar wood to blend in with the honeyed and flowery scents of immortelle. A few violets will sprinkle this marriage of hot and cold. Finally, the spicy and gourmet liquorice accord will mingle with an infusion of vanilla to create an addictive and powerful trail for the man (or woman) of Eau Noire. Unforgettable!


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