Eros Versace Eau de Toilette

Eros Versace Eau de Toilette

The masculine fragrance Versace: EROS

Moreover, it is precisely this concept that we find in the Eau de Toilette Eros for Men. Inspired by the god of love and male potency, this scent is a blend of mystery, power and desire. According to the words of the Versace house, Eros is “the perfect interpretation of this virility made of pure strength and invincible passion”.

The mythological spirit of Versace

Versace is a brand that seems to have a special love for Greek mythology. Moreover, its logo in the shape of a jellyfish head is there to testify. This time, parfum éros takes us into a universe directly inspired by that of Ancient Greece. For the record, know that Eros is the name given to the God of love. As astonishing as it may seem, this one here seems to have transformed his emotional side into a strong and very assertive virility. Eros is a perfume intended for a strong and confident man. His pride is such that Eros’ masculinity becomes almost impertinent. However, Eros is also a mysterious character. Its intriguing aspect only reinforces our fascination with it. Eros is a fragrance that seems to have been designed to give you sufficient strength to achieve all of your ambitions. He is the ideal ally to support you in your daily challenges. Much more than a simple fragrance, Eros embodies a true lifestyle and a philosophy in its own right.

Eros, a fragrance bursting with freshness

To support men in their daily lives, the house of Versace has decided to bet everything on freshness. Eros and a very energizing juice, with a strong woody masculinity in its wake. Its vitality flies on a powerful blend of Calabrian lemon and mint. Then, this dazzling and citrus aspect is extended by a more tender and enveloping heart. This combines the exoticism of vanilla with the syrupy aspect of London and the smoothness of tonka sap. Therefore, the woods take over to reveal to us with power all the virility of the eros man. Cedar blends with vetiver for a wildly structured finish. Musk, meanwhile, brings here a more animal part, brilliantly reinforcing the sensuality of this perfume. The whole is presented to us in a very elaborate bottle. Endowed with projecting edges, this one displays an intense masculinity. Entirely sculpted, it evokes the mythological universe and the carving that one could find on columns of Ancient Greece. Its blue color, meanwhile, echoes a certain universality.

Released in 2012, “ Eros ”plunges us into antiquity and Greek mythology. Full of history, Eros is none other than the name of the God of love. Suffice to say that this fragrance is loaded with feelings. If “Eros” depicts the image of a man in love, he is nonetheless a strong, powerful and virile man, like the Greek Gods. Mysterious, “Eros” is a man who displays his desires and his character, nothing seems to scare him. Here, beauty meets sensuality as well as power and offers an extraordinary essence.

Eros by Versace, perfumer Aurélien Guichard sculpts a true Greek God

To create this atypical fragrance, Versace chose Aurélien Guichard as perfumer. Born in Grasse, Aurélien Guichard represents the 7th generation of perfumers, which means that the love of perfumery is passed on in the genes. Aurélien Guichard is a sensitive, generous and contemporary perfumer. When Aurélien Guichard is asked how his vocation came to him, he says, “I remember when I was fourteen years old, I went to dinner with my parents and their friends. I was definitely bored, and when they got ready to leave, I jumped up to help the woman put on her fur coat… The smell of fur combined with the smell of her perfume was so sensual… I immediately became aware of the magic and the power of attraction of a perfume. I never knew what scent it was! “. We owe Aurélien Guichard great successes such as “For Her, l’Eau” by Narciso Rodriguez, “Ricci Ricci” by Nina Ricci or “Pleats Please” by Issey Miyake.

The power of perfumed notes of Eros Versace

Dynamic and invigorating, the start of “Eros” combines green apple, lemon and mint for maximum freshness. Native to Asia, mint is known for its strong and very pleasant scent. The Greeks used mint to embalm temples. As for the Hebrews, they placed it around their home for protection. Gradually, mint was used for its many medicinal properties, mainly against coughs and colds. In perfumery, mint essence is obtained by steam distillation of fresh flowers.

Mint gives off strong, minty, but also herbaceous and sweet tones. Then, the heart of “Eros” evolves towards a perfect creaminess thanks to the association of tonka bean and geranium. The tonka bean is a black seed obtained from Brazilian teak, a tree that can reach 30m high. Mainly native to Venezuela, the tonka bean was considered a good luck charm among Amazonian Indians. In perfumery, the tonka bean offers tobacco, almond, coumarin and also delicate scents. Finally, the base of “Eros” is as masculine as it is sensual and combines vanilla, vetiver, cedar wood and oak moss. As for the bottle, it is the interpretation of Greek beauty par excellence. Square in shape and very elaborate, the bottle has an intense blue color and displays in its center, the famous jellyfish, dear to the house of Versace.


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