Extract For a Man by Caron Parfum Caron

Extract For a Man by Caron Parfum Caron

An iconic fragrance from the Maison Caron

These last through the decades and appear to be historical testimonies. Among the most legendary juices of the last century, Caron developed the fragrance Pour un Homme, in 1934. Also, as if to modernize the latter and write a new chapter in its history, the brand has chosen to develop a new version. . Focus on the latest Pour un Homme Parfum.

An iconic fragrance from the Maison Caron

For a man is a classic and timeless fragrance which celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2014. Created by Ernest Daltroff, it aroused real astonishment when it was first published. Indeed, when it was developed, male perfumery as we know it today did not yet exist. Men only perfumed themselves with traditional colognes, fresh juices but with very limited tenacity in time. The Caron house therefore decided to make a perfume strictly speaking, made to sublimate the natural elegance of men, and displaying more outfit. The recipe for this perfume offered a fairly simple blend but a very harmonious result. This juice was notably built on a contrast between aromatic notes of lavender and the more amber sweetness of vanilla. Likewise, for more seduction, the whole was placed on a base of musk. Today, this juice is one of the best-selling house of Caron. Moreover, for the little anecdote, know that celebrities like James Dean, Serges Gainsbourg or François Mitterrand were fervent followers of this essence.

The recipe for Pour un Homme Parfum

In fact, Pour un Homme Parfum is not really the only revisit of Caron’s original perfume. From 1934 to 2005, this juice was never imitated or transformed. On the other hand, in 2005, Caron called on Richard Fraysse to intensify the natural scent of it. This was done with the creation of the Impact perfume. Later, in 2014, a Millésime fragrance was created to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Pour un Homme. A year later, in 2015, it was also available in a Sport version. So what about the new Pour un Homme Parfum this time around? In fact, be aware that this is the identical version to the Impact perfume of 2005. Its ingredients are exactly the same and its concentration has also remained unchanged. Thus, Pour un Homme Parfum is always composed of lavender, vanilla, amber and musk. Only its bottle and its name have been metamorphosed to once again arouse the appeal of consumers towards it. This little sleight of hand from the Caron brand offers us this time a smoked bottle of black and green. Everything is offered in an imposing and very masculine glass silhouette. Finally, the whole is sublimated by a metal plate perfectly matched to its cap and giving the whole more modernity.

For a Man was able to mark modern perfumery by offering these gentlemen, as early as 1934, a real perfume. Lavender and other aromatic powers mixed with daring notes of vanilla will form the cocktail of this perfume which will quickly become a bestseller in perfumery. It will be necessary to wait until 2014 to discover its first variation and 2017 to finally reach the extent of all its powers with Pour un Homme Parfum developed by Richard Fraysse and William Fraysse, the two appointed composers of Caron.

Pour un Homme Parfum or the rebirth of a myth by two appointed Caron perfumers…

If the magnificent Pour Un Homme from the Caron perfume house composed by Ernest Daltroff fit the best hours of the house since 1934, almost a century later nothing or little has changed. The aura of Pour Un Homme’s magnificent lavender-vanilla-tonka bean accords remains and better yet, is renewed.

Indeed, several versions of Pour un Homme have emerged since the arrival of the talented perfumer. Richard Fraysse in 1998. It was first reinforced with Impact in 2005 but above all, after offering a vintage fragrance, it was declined in a sport version in 2014… by Richard Fraysse’s son! Because the Fraysse family is a rare family of perfumers from father to son. If André Fraysse created Arpège for Lanvin, Richard Fraysse composed magnificent juices for the Caron house and now it is William Fraysse’s turn to offer his perfumed works as official perfumer for the Caron house.

So in 2016, it was the son of the former official nose of the house who composed Pour Un Homme Sport. It was also William Fraysse who directed the new formulation of Impact, the work of his father, to make Pour un Homme Le Parfum in 2017.

Pour un Homme Le Parfum is therefore part of a dense historical and family lineage where the transmission of scents appears as one of the flagship values.

“The talent of its creator [the creator of Pour un Homme] highlights two strong words: Modernism and heritage . Words that convey the very essence of La Maison CARON. »Caron.

A Powerful Impact Pour Un Homme by Caron the Explosive Lavender Perfume

With Impact, Richard Fraysse wanted to compose a perfume that would exhale the most explosive scents of the venerable Pour a man. William Fraysse worked on his father’s composition to obtain a racy and still as elegant juice which would now appear under the name of Pour un Homme Le Parfum.

Clearly the young official perfumer of the house chose to make appear the flagship pairings of Pour un Homme from the start of this powerful juice. Thus the floral power of Pour Un Homme Le Parfum literally bursts into our nostrils in an amber and vanilla cloud of exquisite delicacy.

“In the Perfume, the amber and vanilla notes, mingled with the freshness of most beautiful Lavender from Haute Provence, signature of Pour Un Homme, explode and appear faster. »Caron pour Pour Homme Le Parfum.


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