Extract My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum Burberry

Extract My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum Burberry

My Burberry Black perfume elixir

It was precisely for this purpose that Thomas Burberry’s trench coat was made in 1912. Then, taking inspiration from this centerpiece of the British wardrobe, Burberry decided to make it a perfume . This is how My Burberry was created, more than a century later, in 2014. Today, it is one of the most famous perfumes on the planet and is constantly reinventing itself. It is therefore in this context that Burberry is currently presenting the new My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum.

The origins of My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum

As if to pay homage to its origins, the Burberry house decided to make, in 2014, a perfume inspired by its iconic trench coat. This juice was immediately a huge success. Symbolizing the quintessence of the Burberry brand, it delivers a floral scent, directly inspired by a London garden. Then, in 2015, Burberry decided to reinterpret its fragrance and make it a fresher Eau de Toilette, as if the flowers in this garden had been sprayed with morning dew. In 2016, on the other hand, My Burberry Black unveiled its darker face, this time leading us to the same floral place, at the hour of twilight. Finally, the My Burberry collection has recently been enriched with the latest My Burberry Blush, this time plunging us into the first light of day.

The new sensual breath of My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum

So what about the new My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum, and how has it been able to reinvent itself again? This time, My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum takes us to a more seductive, dark and deep universe. For this, it highlights an intense femininity, revealing to us a poetic scent of jasmine and rose absolute. These two famous flowers of women’s perfumery are coated with gluttony. Their floral breath contrasts with the sweet smell of almonds and black vanilla. The candied lemon also refreshes the whole while retaining this gourmet facet. Finally, My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum is based on a creamy base, and sandalwood smoke.

When the My Burberry bottle takes on a deeper color

The bottle of My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum, meanwhile, retains an identical silhouette to that of its predecessors. Only its color has been changed. My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum has, in fact, exchanged its golden color for a more amber and coppery shade, approaching a chocolate shade. A black gabardine knot is tied at its collar, echoing the fabrics used to make Burberry’s famous trench coat. Moreover, it is not the only nod to this emblematic jacket. Its hood, meanwhile, refers to its buttons. More than ever, My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum refers to Burberry’s heritage, while portraying a particularly sensual woman.

The Burberry house, famous for its timelessly chic trench coats, never ceases to exhale the scented notes of its Great Britain through floral and sensual feminine fragrances. In 2014, the house proposed My Burberry as the scent of this trench coat that would be worn directly on the skin in an English garden. Then My Burberry will become My Burberry Black under the aegis of the same designer to design this garden as the flowers go down. What will happen to My Burberry Black Nectar de Parfum?

My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum the new jewel born from the English gardens by Burberry

Weekend, Touch, London or even Brit, since its very first perfume in 1981, the venerable Burberry house has never ceased to sing the praises of its British lands thanks to compositions which reveal themselves to be contrasted between flowery delicacies and sensual forces. .

By offering My Burberry composed by the famous Francis Kurkdjian in 2014, the house reaffirmed its values ​​and its style with a fragrance as sweet as it is powerful, which symbolizes its trench coat famous around the world. After pretty variations, My Burberry will go to cultivate the dark facet of her velvety face in the sweet, pink and amber volutes of My Burberry Black, still composed by Francis Kurkdjian.

“The essence evokes a London garden in stormy weather, when the rain releases hot scents of flowers. The juice interweaves the scent of sun-drenched jasmine and that of peach nectar with a sensual note of rose. »Burberry for My Burberry Black.

In December 2017 the brand will offer this My Burberry Black a more intense version of this storm in the English garden thanks to My Burberry Black Nectar de Parfum which will preserve the beauty of roses and jasmines while enclosing themselves in swirls of woody smoke and assertive delicacies that will serve as a reminder to the Christmas festivities.

Amber sensualities with greedy power for a bewitching My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum < / h2>

For My Burberry Black Nectar de Parfum, Francis Kurkdjian brings together in one fragrance all the smoky, candied and generous scents that transport us to an English garden but above all an English home at Christmas time. Thus My Burberry Black Nectar de Parfum retains the beauty of its predecessors while displaying completely new gourmet, fresh and flowery curves.

Where My Burberry Black opened with notes of jasmine, My Burberry Black Nectar de Parfum has chosen to move towards notes of candied lemons while retaining the beauty of jasmine flowers. At the heart, the signature of the My Burberry range is preserved by the absolute of rose but this time the almond praline plays the guest-surprise to be powdery and deliciously greedy. Finally no more patchouli in the depths but rather for this My Burberry Black Nectar de Parfum a smoking sandalwood, burning like a mysterious cloud that would hide the beauties of this perfume with pink sensuality.


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