For Her Black Musc Eau de Parfum Narciso Rodriguez

For Her Black Musc Eau de Parfum Narciso Rodriguez

For Her Musc Noir: Narciso Rodriguez’s niche fragrance

Initially specializing in the creation of clothing and haute couture, Narciso Rodriguez finally decided to turn to perfumery as well, in 2003. It was on this date that his perfume For Her was released, as a tribute to femininity. ‘having inspired since its beginnings. Today, For Her is renewed and gives birth to For Her Musc Noir, a darker and more mysterious vision of femininity.

The portrait of the woman seen by Narciso Rodriguez

For Her Musc Noir captures the essence of a new femininity, more sensual and mysterious than ever. Like its predecessors, it “expresses everything that woman is: strength, vulnerability, beauty, sensuality and finally depth”. Moreover, it is precisely this last aspect which has been emphasized here. The one who wears this perfume is more fascinating and enigmatic than before. This new chapter of the For Her collection highlights the modern and intriguing appearance of women. For Her Musc Noir is an ode to the mysterious nature of feminine sensuality. It is addressed to all the free women of our time, giving off a deep and intoxicating breath behind them.

Discovering the timeless bottle of For Her Musc Noir

Visually, For Her Musc Noir has a bottle very similar to its predecessors. It adopts a rectangular shape, as well as a double glass wall. In its heart, For Her Musc Noir reveals a pale pink color, a pledge of femininity and softness. However, his opaque black hood is more mysterious and dark. The set is delivered to us in a cardboard box also playing on these two colors. The For Her Black Musk bottle is available in three different formats, 30, 50 and 100 ml. Evocative of ancient Chinese snuff bottles, it expresses the whole duality of women, both being and appearing, inside and out.

The musky breath of For Her Musc Noir

Like all the perfumes of Narciso Rodriguez, For Her Musc Noir revolves around a musky and bewitching breath. Indeed, Narciso Rodriguez has always made musk his favorite ingredient. Here it is first accompanied by a note of juicy plum. Gourmet and sweet, this one is quickly relayed by a more floral heart, composed of rose and heliotrope. A fascinating flower, heliotrope evolves according to the position of the sun and reveals a sweet scent, close to vanilla and slightly almond. Gradually, the decor darkens and it is in its background that For Her Musc Noir is textured with sensual notes. To do this, he combines suede leather with suede. The magic operates instantly and plunges us into a deep and intense cloud, never ceasing to gain power.

In 2021, designer Narciso Rodriguez is offering a new variation to his cult fragrance. For Her becomes For Her Black Musk. Presented in the timeless bottle of Narciso Rodriguez, rectangular in shape and stripped of everything superfluous, this juice is a new portrait that expresses all that woman is, while revealing her more dark and mysterious than ever. At the source of this fragrance is Egyptian musk. But how does Narciso Rodriguez manage to reinvent it to deliver a new ode to mysterious nature and sensuality? Decryption of its composition.

The fruity and sweet top notes of For Her Black Musk

First of all, Narciso Rodriguez tries to put us in touch appetite. For this, he relies on fruits. Here, For Her Musc Noir launches with a strong scent of plum. It appears like a sweet marmalade, which awakens the senses and is very appetizing. In addition, by its sweetness, the plum of For Her Musc Noir is clearly surfing the trends of the moment. Indeed, for several years now, many women have turned to gourmet essences. For Her Musc Noir manages to strike the right balance, appearing as a tender treat without tipping over into overdone sentimentality.

The musky and floral heart of For Her Musc Noir

In its heart, and as its name suggests, For Her Musc Noir is based on Egyptian musk. Indeed, it is Narciso Rodriguez’s favorite raw material. Moreover, the couturier himself wears it in the form of an oil, like a talisman, directly attached to his neck at all times. Once again, he therefore relies on his bewitching power to capsize our hearts. However, this time it is accompanied by a floral bouquet. For Her Black Musk contains rose, the emblematic flower of women’s perfumery. Note, however, that it is not she who dominates. Here, the main floral note is more like heliotrope, a flower that evolves according to the position of the sun and that gives off a soft breath, almost almondy and close to vanilla. With such a trio, For Her Musc Noir is a real spell.

The animal base of For Her Black Musk

Then, little by little, For Her Black Musk darkens. It is therefore in its base notes that its more dark and mysterious side appears. In addition, Narciso Rodriguez portrays us the portrait of a seductive and animal woman. Totally indomitable, this one lets float behind it a breath of suede, the ideal raw material to texture and structure the whole of this recipe. The suede of For Her Musc Noir is also associated with a leather accord, like velvet sliding on women’s skin with depth and intensity.


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