Girl Rochas Eau de Toilette

Girl Rochas Eau de Toilette

Girl: The new Rochas fragrance for women

Rochas is therefore continually inspired by its time and designs perfumes that are as contemporary as they are refined. This is precisely how the brand new essence for women was imagined. In March 2021, Rochas invites us to discover its Girl fragrance.

Girl, a fragrance more respectful of the body and the planet

The new generation of women are more aware of the importance of taking care of the planet. Mentalities change and consciousnesses are awakening. From now on, consumers favor more natural ingredients that are more respectful of nature. Like the cosmetics department, perfumery is therefore going green, turning to more responsible bottles, recyclable packaging and less artificial raw materials. It is precisely in this niche that the Girl de Rochas perfume is placed. Designed in a bottle made from 40% recycled glass, it incorporates 90% of ingredients of natural origin into its recipe. It is therefore aimed at the new generation, more attentive to the future of future generations, but also more concerned with their well-being and respect for their bodies.

A lasting fragrance with a floral breath

Very focused on nature, the perfume for women Girl de Rochas revolves mainly around flowers. These are very present in his heart. Thus, Girl is like a generous and poetic bouquet combining jasmine, orange blossoms and orchids. Its start, meanwhile, is infinitely bright. For this, he relies on neroli. Pink pepper and blackcurrant buds give it more dynamism and freshness. Finally, in opposition to this airy and lively side, its base becomes more creamy. It combines sandalwood, vanilla and cedarwood.

The pale green bottle of Rochas

On the bottle side, Girl comes in a sleek and architectural bottle. Like the essence it contains, it immediately gives off a feeling of fullness. Its translucent glass faces a more opaque cap, in a pale green color. This is an ode to nature and serenity. The name of this perfume, Girl, is inscribed in imposing black letters. However, it does not in any way break the poetry of this visual. Available in three different sized sprays, Girl’s bottle comes in sizes 40, 60 and 100ml. With him, more than ever, it is a question of giving thanks to femininity, but also to mother earth. This juice is synonymous with creativity, youth and fulfillment.

In March 2021, the Rochas house offers us a brand new recipe. Her creation is called Girl and, as her name suggests, she is a tribute to femininity. Infinitely respectful of the body of women and of nature, it is essentially composed of ingredients of natural origin. Encapsulated in a pale green bottle, Girl de Rochas is an ode to nature. So how does this materialize in terms of an olfactory recipe? Here are the different elements that go into its composition.

Girl de Rochas, a very natural creation

Girl de Rochas is fully in line with the expectations of current consumers. In fact, for a few years now, organic has been making an appearance in cosmetics. However, more recently, it is also at the center of the concerns of perfumers. More and more, women are looking for ethics and ecology. Traditional perfumery is renewing itself in order to meet this demand. After having extensively explored synthetic molecules, perfumers express a certain desire to go back to their sources, by now turning to less synthetic materials. In this context, Girl de Rochas contains 90% of ingredients of natural origin. Obviously, this choice is not without imposing certain constraints. In traditional perfumery, noses have an average of 5,000 fragrant notes at their disposal. If we reduce that to exclusively natural perfumery, they only have about 500 scents left. The field of possibilities is therefore much narrower. Rest assured, it took a lot more to curb the ambitions of Rochas and perfumer Anne Flipo …

Girl de Rochas, a floral and luminous fragrance

Girl de Rochas is a spring juice, a true ode to nature. It begins with a Mediterranean and luminous sensation. First, its solar side comes from neroli, an emblematic plant of the Mediterranean basin, renowned for its relaxing properties. To give it more fire and panache, perfumer Anne Flipo adds more spicy pink berries and fresher blackcurrant buds. Then, Girl evolves towards a more generous and floral heart. To offer some continuity to the neroli, let’s underline the presence of orange blossom. This is accompanied by a more opulent and generous jasmine, as well as a more exotic orchid. Little by little, the sensuality gains in power and reaches its climax in its wake. The base notes of Girl de Rochas contain vanilla as well as sandalwood, which is smoother and creamier. All that was lacking in this perfume was a certain persistence. This is provided by the cedar wood, serving as a framework for this juice and considerably improving its persistence.
” Girl de Rochas is the fragrance of a new generation conscious and attentive to its well-being. Because the world is changing, Girl is more respectful of the environment ”.

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