Granville Christian Dior cologne

Granville Christian Dior cologne

Granville: The scented Dior shell by François Demachy

After a bucolic detour to Milly-La-Forêt, François Demachy takes us this time to Christian Dior’s childhood marine paradise in Granville in Normandy. Freshness against heat, Granville amazes and dazzles us …

Maritime memories of Christian Dior in a precious and fresh Granville

The Dior house has sought with its Private Collection, initiated in 2009 , to collect the most beautiful bottles intended to tell us its history and the past of its charismatic founder Christian Dior. If the travels of this collection often stop on the dreams of the Orient of the couturier and in his haute-couture memories, it is also the means of discovering in scents the paradises of refuge of this beloved and bubbling creator.

< p> Granville, a pretty town on the steep Normandy coast, saw Christian Dior born and live in his villa perched on top of the cliffs, nicely named Villa Les Rhumbs. Strewn on the rocks, the couturier’s home offers a unique panorama of the sea and inspires him both for his couture creations and for his first perfumes.

Naturally, François Demachy made the choice to reproduce in powerful but contrasting chords this unique living space both wooded with maritime pines and warm by its plush interior. Granville will be discovered as an astonishing fragrance between aromatic accords and woody accords.

“Built on the side of a cliff, it is surrounded by pines and overlooks the sea. Inspired by this place so dear to the creator , François Demachy imagines a fresh, lively, aromatic fragrance “tells us François Demachy about the Villa Les Rhumbs and the creation of its Granville fragrance.

Granville or the fragrant encounter between the aromatic freshness of Normandy and the woody heat of the south

François Demachy is not a perfumer who seeks ease and with Granville he demonstrates it once again by not giving in to the temptation of aquatic or iodine notes but by preferring to evoke them with much more nuanced aromatic and citrus freshness. As with each of his perfumes, François Demachy naturally went to collect the most beautiful scented raw materials from the producers for Granville.

Granville offers a starting point composed of winter quality Sicilian lemon essence (the best but also the most luxurious) to marry an essence of white thyme from Spain which, according to François Demachy, “suddenly gives the impression, that you breathe better” and a nice Mediterranean rosemary. Then the pine absolute from the Grasse hinterland mixed with gorse flower gives us a resinous, nervous but also slightly smoky heart. Finally we leave the freshness of the Norman seaside to warm up with woody base notes of sandalwood punctuated by a few notes of black pepper.

“Nature in Granville is not serene. This scent is that of the wind blowing over there. »François Demachy for Granville, Dior.


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