Gray Flannel Geoffrey Beene Eau de Toilette

Gray Flannel Geoffrey Beene Eau de Toilette

The couture spirit of Geoffrey Beene

Jersey and flannel are his favorite materials and he assembles fabrics with great art. Discreet and elegant, the young couturier quickly made a name for himself in the fashion world. On the strength of this success, he developed a sporting fashion and launched into perfumery in 1975 with “Gray Flannel”. This authentic fragrance takes its name from the soft fabric, flannel, which he likes to use.

The couture spirit of Geoffrey Beene

Geoffrey Beene is recognized in the world of haute couture for his unique know-how, but also because he uses noble materials wisely. The “Gray Flannel” man who is inspired by the couturier’s collections is very elegant, he likes to dress in gray flannel, down to the content of his perfume. Indeed, the designer wanted to extend the spirit of fashion with a gray flannel case. “Gray Flannel” has also received the Oscar for the most elegant packaging … While men’s fashion is more focused on floral accords, Geoffrey Beene embraces violet and moss of the woods in a unique embrace. New and authentic, this fragrance perfectly resembles the couture spirit of Geoffrey Beene.

Gray Flannel’s strong temper

If the composition of “Gray Flannel” is meant to be sophisticated, we can say that it does not lack character. From the start, it displays a very green and dynamic side. Indeed, “Gray Flannel” begins with notes of galbanum and petitgrain, joined by the freshness of lemon and bergamot. The heart becomes more floral, with rose, geranium and iris, an ingredient that is rarely used in men’s perfumery. The iris is here exploited in its green and vegetal facet. The trail is musky and woody, thanks to the presence of violet leaf, coumarin and geranium. The fragrance is sweet, but refined like flannel. The bottle features simple and refined lines, all the originality lies in its gray flannel case. Little known in France, “Gray Flannel” is very popular with Americans,

A fashion designer in great demand in the United States, Geoffrey Beene is a talented and discreet designer. He likes noble materials, especially flannel and jersey, which he works with elegance. “Gray Flannel” is her first fragrance, which means “gray flannel”. Indeed, its perfume does honor to its favorite material, flannel. With a strong temperament, “Gray Flannel” gives off a fragrance that is both green, floral and woody… A great success.

You don’t know Gray Flannel by Geoffrey Beene yet? Unfortunately in France, it is very little known, while in the United States it is a star of male perfumery! The first perfume and great success of the king couturier of flannel clothing from the 60s and 70s, Gray Flannel is a work of art as its floral sophistication is almost unique .

Gray Flannel or the American cousin of Fahrenheit perfume!

If the handsome Gray Flannel was noticed very quickly by the American public upon its release in 1976, it would seem that France may not have been able to recognize this juggernaut of American perfumery at its true value. So much so that we even dare to disagree as to the master perfumer who created it! Sometimes certain sources affirm that it would be André Fromentin the creator of Gray Flannel, sometimes its composition is attributed to Jean-Louis Sieuzac… Anyway these two great masters of perfumery are both perfumers for the great Givaudan, perhaps. So we suppose that they both participated in this splendid Gray Flannel?

If it is very difficult for us to know the title perfumer of this unique Geoffrey Beene perfume, one thing is certain: its relationship to Fahrenheit released a few years later is unequivocal, however! Especially since the very original Fahrenheit and its typical woody violet accord was created by Jean-Louis Sieuzac… The same one who would have composed Gray Flannel in 1976 with a violet accord again but much greener than Fahrenheit.

Gray Flannel would therefore be, in a way, Fahrenheit’s big American brother. On the other hand, if the use of the violet accord is, for one as for the other, obvious, Gray Flannel wants to be much more aromatic and biting than its artistic and chiaroscuro successor.

A unique floral accord of violets created by Jean-Louis Sieuzac for Gray Flannel

Gray Flannel is the first fragrance from the haute-couture house Geoffrey Beene. A true star couturier of the time, the fragrance had even won over one of the main clients of the flannel costume designer, who was none other than President Kennedy. It is true that the very original yet very flowery scents of Gray Flannel seemed to correspond wonderfully to the fiery personality of the young American president.

As soon as Gray Flannel opens, an aromatic and green wind transports us to the dynamic beauties of petitgrain and clary sage. The galbanum then displays its strong character in the face of these intense freshness. At the heart, we will have the pleasure of discovering a veritable armful of flowers thanks to the scents of neroli and rose enhanced by geranium. A rarity to note for a masculine perfume and what is more in the 70s. The originality of the heart of Gray Flannel will continue thanks to the powdery notes obtained with violet and coumarin. Finally, the depths of soft and cottony white musks will be tinged with the greedy and woody sweetness of tonka bean.


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