Gucci Memory of a Smell Eau de Parfum

Gucci Memory of a Smell Eau de Parfum

The unisex perfume of Gucci

On the occasion of an evening organized in Rome on the sidelines of its Cruise 2020 fashion show, Gucci announced the release of its niche fragrance, to say the least puzzling. Named Memoir of a Odor, it is described as “a particular perfume that can transport us to another time or another place without even having to open our eyes”. For this, he relies above all on the atypical scent of chamomile, while having a bottle with a touch of retro.

The unisex scent of chamomile by Gucci

For its niche fragrance, the Italian house Gucci has bet on a particularly unexpected ingredient. Chamomile is the central raw material of its composition. “I had to think carefully about why Alessandro chose chamomile. When I started working with the scent of chamomile itself, I understood, ”said Alberto Morillas. “No one had done it before. Chamomile is known around the world. Everyone has smelled it at some point, but like a dream, a childhood memory, something timeless and never in a perfume. This flower is very underestimated and is a plant with an exceptional olfactory signature ”. Here, Mémoire d’une Odeur takes on both carnal and charismatic airs. At first, chamomile is accompanied by another floral breath: that of jasmine from India, a flower widely used in feminine perfumery. However, its masculine side takes over in a more woody base of cedar and sandalwood. Vanilla and honey in turn warm up the whole and make it sweeter. Finally, musk gives it all its animality.

To symbolize this “transgender” side, Gucci called on several muses, such as actor and singer Harry Styles, designer Harris Reed, musician and designer Zumi Rosow, artist Ariana Papademetropoulos , musician Stanislas Klossowski, the artist Olimpia Dior, and model Leslie Winer, all immortalized by Glen Luchford.

Memory of an Odor and its timeless bottle

On the aesthetic side, Mémoire d ‘une Odeur by Gucci is presented in a timeless bottle. Its cylindrical bottle has an atypical color, between bottle green and watery blue. Its base is topped with a golden ridged cap that looks almost like an old stereo system button. Memory of a Smell has a retro spirit and no one can say to what time it belongs. Moreover, it is presented to us in a green and starry cardboard box, inspired by the frescoes of Giotto di Bondone in the Cappella degli Scrovegni of Padua, built in 1302. Memoir of a Odor is much more than a perfume. It is a journey through the ages.

Gucci plunges us into the past with its perfume …

The Gucci house is distinguished by the exceptional quality of its leather goods but also as a precursor of the famous porn-chic which was breathed into the house in the 90s by the sulfurous and talented Tom Ford. The house has retained its strength in this singular style, whether in its couture and bag creations or in the sensuality of its fragrances, however the house has been making another style change in perfumery in recent years. The very original Mémoire d’une odeur released in 2019 will be one of its most vibrant symbols.

< h2> Memory of a Gucci scent, this perfume that ignores time and genre < / h2>

From time immemorial, the Gucci house has embodied change, even revolution, through its daring and unique style creations. If Gucci perfumes carried chic porn with delight, the splendid in Bloom, like now Mémoire d’une odeur, has a different genre, a sensual romanticism that is both modern and obsolete.

What troubles in the first place at Mémoire d’une odeur is of course its mixed statement, a first at Gucci . From its green glass bottle almost similar to antique flasks, to its starry dressing or even its advertising campaign, Memory of a scent seems to be offered in a retro universe where men and women come together and resemble each other. Moreover, the perfumer who created Memory of a Scent, Alberto Morillas, is at the origin of many of the current male bestsellers such as Acqua di Gio or Light Blue. But let’s not forget either that the man created one of the most famous mixed perfumes, the famous Ck One by Calvin Klein.

Thus, Mémoire d’une odeur will be offered to both men and women, but it is above all through its scents that are both novel and ultimately inscribed in everyone’s memory, such as the Roman chamomile which cradles our childhood.

The intense contrasts of Mémoire d’une odeur signed by the talented perfumer Alberto Morillas

“& nbsp; Regardless of age or gender, this fragrance can be worn by anyone the world. […] Even though I couldn’t say exactly what scent it has, it reminds me of a nuanced blend of chamomile, jasmine and warm notes. But everyone will find their own fragrance there. & Nbsp; ” Harris Reed, one of the muses of Mémoire d’une odeur for Vogue.

And indeed the very first quality of the juice produced by Alberto Morillas is to have olfactory raw materials which evolve according to the skin of each one . Thus the start of Roman chamomile, never before used in a fragrance, offers sometimes green and dazzling facets sometimes solar while reminding us of herbal teas and other milky and almond notes of body care. & Nbsp;

At the heart, Indian jasmine, called nocturnal jasmine, combines its honeyed and orange-tinged strength with ultra sensual notes of musk, thus offering intense heat to Mémoire d’une odeur. Finally, the sweet and greedy depths of vanilla will coat the almost virile strengths of cedar and sandalwood.


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