Guerlain Shalimar Orange Breath Eau de Parfum

Guerlain Shalimar Orange Breath Eau de Parfum

A breath of citrus on the Shalimar perfume

Thus, its emblematic Shalimar perfume is directly inspired by an Indian legend. For nearly a century, this juice has delighted women around the world. He is an icon of perfumery that we are constantly rediscovering. Moreover, to keep the myth alive, Guerlain does not hesitate to reinvent its scent. Once again, in 2019, Shalimar is about to make your head spin. He now becomes Shalimar Breath of Orange.

Shalimar Souffle d’Oranger, an Indian-inspired fragrance

Shalimar Souffle d’Oranger is a very exotic inspired fragrance. It must be said that many perfumers find their source of creativity in remote countries… Shalimar takes us to India in the 17th century. It tells us one of the most beautiful love stories. At that time, Indian Emperor Shah Jahan owned several wives, but was only really in love with one of them: Mumtaz Mahal. Representing in his eyes one of the most wonderful riches in the world, he had one of the most beautiful mausoleums built in his honor at his death, at the height of all his love for her. This is how the Taj Mahal was created, in the heart of Shalimar gardens. Fascinated by this story, Jacques Guerlain decided to make a perfume out of it. Nowadays,

Shalimar Orange Blast lights up with solar accents

Very inspired by the first version of Shalimar, from 1925, the new Shalimar Souffle d’Oranger from Guerlain has a more solar and luminous temperament. As its name suggests, it makes orange blossom its common thread, even if this Mediterranean plant only thrives here fully at its base. Shalimar Orange Blast starts off with a duo of citrus fruits and more exactly consists of bergamot and tangerine. Petitgrain enriches this flight with a solar radiance, while being relayed by a luminous neroli in its heart. The sambac jasmine makes the whole more opulent, while the whole rests on a milky and sulphurous base of vanilla and sandalwood.

Guerlain brings more pep to its bottle

On the bottle side, Shalimar Orange Blast preserves the style of its predecessors and proudly displays its membership of the great Shalimar family. Its bottle, designed in 1925 by Raymond Garin, in collaboration with Baccarat, forms a glass basin resting on a chiseled foot. Very Art Deco-inspired, this container is surmounted by a bluish cap, the shape of which evokes both the water gushing from a fountain in the gardens of Shalimar, but also that of the fans widely used by women during the Years. Crazy. From now on, Shalimar Souffle d’Oranger has exchanged its transparency and clarity for a glass covered in countless colors. Blue mixes with white and orange, for an explosive and infinitely flamboyant look!

Guerlain is certainly one of the oldest perfume houses to offer great perfume successes, from Eau de Cologne Impériale in 1853 to La Petite Robe Noire in 2012! This success, which seems never to dry up, is of course due to the exceptional quality of the perfumes but also to the spectacular faculty of the six official perfumers Guerlain has always known how to amaze us with great olfactory discoveries, like the precious Shalimar who brought in in 1925 oriental accords in women’s perfumes.

When the orange blossom becomes the star of Shalimar Orange Blast

When Thierry Wasser arrived at the post Much coveted as the official perfumer of the Guerlain house in the early 2010s, it was obvious to him that he had to preserve at all costs the enormous olfactory heritage of his house while knowing how to make it evolve with the times. Thus, he protected Nahema’s formula from suspicion of the allergenic potential of the Bulgarian rose by reformulating it as close as possible to its original, just as he protected the perfumed formulas of all the perfumes that have marked the history of the house.

So why did Thierry Wasser want to offer variations to the splendid Shalimar? Quite simply by a spirit of innovation, the same spirit which made each Guerlain perfumer left his mark in the history of perfumery. Thus Shalimar Parfum Initial offers a new light on the beautiful oriental and the splendid Shalimar Souffle d’Oranger will magnify the overdose of citrus notes of the original bottle to create a sunny and fresh fragrance like never before. & Nbsp;

Thus So Shalimar Orange Blast does not in any way betray the splendid Shalimar who introduced oriental notes to women of the 1920s. He revives the myth through intense work around an orange blossom that Thierry Wasser adores and that he broods from its picking to its bottling.

Shalimar Orange Breath, light in perfume & nbsp; & nbsp;

These are the oriental notes, what we will call d ” subsequently the Guerlinade, which caused so much talk about Shalimar in the 1920s by the strength of its vanilla trail punctuated with tonka bean, civet and patchouli.

In this 2019 opus, Shalimar Souffle d’Oranger, we will of course find this signature depth of Shalimar as the perfumer is t attached to its heritage. However, it will not be the sensuality of the Guerlinade that will be the star this time, but rather the work carried out by the perfumer around the orange blossom that appears, a rare and unprecedented thing for Guerlain, in all its facets and its possible extractions. . Remember that from orange blossom we can produce neroli flower absolute as well as orange blossom water, the zest of the fruit created from the essence and using the twigs and orange leaves, we get petitgrain, we will find all these elements in the splendid Shalimar Orange Blast.

Shalimar Orange Blast opens with a citrus green opening of bergamot, neroli and petit grain. At the heart, neroli flower and jasmine offer their floral and solar opulence that will extend into sweet sensualities of sandalwood, vanilla and orange blossom.


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