Hermès Un Jardin en Méditerranée Eau de Toilette

Hermès Un Jardin en Méditerranée Eau de Toilette

A Garden in the Mediterranean: The first opus signed by Ellena from the Perfumes Jardins collection

In 2003, the nose offers to the market the magnificent Un Jardin en Méditerranée around the olfactory sketches of a marvelous Tunisian garden. Between shadows and lights, between sea and land, Un Jardin en Méditerranée dazzles us …

Part shade part sun, A Garden in the Mediterranean by Hermès

Jean-Claude Ellena had to attack the few words given by Hermès, the theme of the house in 2003, to guide the inspiration for his new perfume: the Mediterranean. While he was not yet the official perfumer of the famous house, Jean-Claude Ellena created Un Jardin en Méditerranée in just three days. Three days of visit in the secret garden in Tunisia of the artistic director of Hermès and the emotion of a stolen moment… What to make dream the apprentice perfumers!

“Throughout our stay, I was looking for an olfactory sign that evokes the Mediterranean: many smells could translate it, orange blossom, sea lily… But none satisfied me completely. It was on the day of our departure, around an aperitif, that I found it. A young woman, a glass of champagne in her hand, picked up a fig leaf from the tray and smelled it with a smile. The fig tree seemed obvious to me. “1.
From this encounter with the fig tree, Jean-Claude Ellena will give birth to an olfactory walk that will be known around the name of Un Jardin en Méditerranée. No video advertising for this beautiful novelty but visuals in the form of sketches, an imaginary garden where the painter of perfumes depicts his smells to the watercolor artist Aurore de la Morinerie.

Un Jardin en Méditerranée will quickly become the bestseller of 2003 and will push the Hermès perfume house to want to hire this man “illusionist” of scents as official Hermès perfumer. The fruitful collaboration between the venerable leather house and Ellena will be highlighted in particular by the Les Jardins collection , of which the sublime Jardin en Méditerranée is the first part.

A Mediterranean Garden or the garden of wonders with woody, aromatic and fruity scents < / h2>

The precious and sober bottle of Un Jardin en Méditerranée is int ended to be “a bottle of water and sun, a mythical pair of the Mediterranean” according to Hermès. Thus the glass is tinted with an azure blue to better blend with the sandblasted color of the heights of the bottle. Even the glass of the bottle presents the beautiful contrasts of the fragrance of Jean-Claude Ellena!

We enter with delight in this Garden in the Mediterranean with sparkling notes of very vegetal bergamot mixed with suave and sweet orange blossoms . We are swept away by a heart of fresh eucalyptus highlighting the green facets of fig, heroine of perfume, and aromatic laurel. As for the rose, it brings its precious delicacy to the milky facets of the fig. The cedar supports the freshness of the shade with the soft enveloping depths of white musks.

The very first collaboration between Hermès and Jean-Claude Ellena, Un Jardin en Méditerranée is presented as an array of scents. According to the nose at the origin of the creation, Un Jardin en Méditerranée translates a “Perfumed expression of a Mediterranean memory, a mosaic of olfactory, visual and tactile sensations. “… Have a good trip!

“A Mediterranean Garden” was created in 2003 and symbolizes the olfactory scents of a Tunisian garden. Between shadow and light, between land and sea, “Un Jardin en Méditerranée” is a fragrance filled with emotions. Jean-Claude Ellena himself affirms that “A Garden in the Mediterranean is a mosaic of olfactory, visual and tactile sensations”. “A Garden in the Mediterranean” takes us on a unique journey, through incredible sensations. The first born of the “Jardins d’Hermès” collection is a magical essence, a unisex fragrance.

A Garden in the Mediterranean, an olfactory journey by Jean-Claude Ellena

Born in Grasse to a perfumer father, Jean-Claude Ellena was very young, in contact with the world of scents. In 1968, he joined the Givaudan perfume school in Geneva. His first success “First” by Van Cleef & amp; Arpels then propelled him to the forefront. In 2004, Jean-Claude Ellena became the exclusive perfumer of the Hermès house. He likes to work on clean formulas and prefers to work and create formulas with 200 materials, so perfumes can contain up to 1500! If Jean-Claude Ellena is now retired, he left his mark on the world of perfumery. We owe him great successes such as “Terre d’Hermès, L’Ambre des Merveilles” by Hermès or “Eau de Campagne” by Sisley.

A Garden in the Mediterranean, Hermès notes full of emotion

“A Mediterranean Garden” begins with the freshness of bergamot and lemon associated with orange blossom. Originally from China, we find the first traces of lemon 2,500 years ago. He will then travel on the “Silk Road” to the Middle East. The Hebrews will find it out and plant it during their exodus to Babylon. From the 10th century, Greek doctors used lemon to lower fever. Lemon is one of the most used citrus fruits in cooking today. In perfumery, lemon essence is obtained by cold expression of the zest. It gives off zesty, fruity, sweet and bitter tones. Then, the heart of “Tom Ford Noir” takes on laurel, fig tree and mastic tree bringing an aspect between shadow and light and transports us to the heart of the garden. The lentiscus is a tree native to the Mediterranean rim. You should know that the lentisque pistachio tree is the quintessential Provençal scrub tree. Known since ancient times, lentisk is used for its medicinal properties to treat stomach and respiratory ailments. In perfumery, lentisk oil is obtained by distillation of its flowers and branches. Then, the base of “Un Jardin en Méditerranée” is loaded with red cedar, fig leaves and Virginia juniper. Out of time, “A Mediterranean Garden” delights our body and our soul…

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