Hugo Boss perfume Hugo Red

Hugo Boss perfume Hugo Red
Hugo Boss perfume Hugo Red

Hugo Red, freedom above all according to Boss

The history of the Hugo Boss brand begins in 1924, when Hugo Ferdinand Boss created a clothing workshop near Stuttgart. The past of the Hugo Boss brand has long been controversial, because the brand specialized in the creation of costumes and uniforms for the SS and the Hitler youth … In 1970, the two grandsons of Hugo Boss took over from give the brand a new start. The first “Boss Number” perfume was launched in 1985. “Hugo Red” was released in 2013 and celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Hugo couture brand.

Hugo Red, the fragrance of a free and modern man

“Hugo Red” is portrayed as a free and modern man, but more than anything an adventurous man. As captivating as the red color of his bottle, the “Hugo Red” man is a determined man who likes to live according to his passions and desires. Between refinement and relaxation, the man “Hugo Boss” is charismatic and everything seems to succeed. To celebrate its 20 years of couture, Hugo Boss has chosen a fragrance that embodies the creative and adventurous spirit of the Boss house.

Hugo Red, an incredibly exciting hot-cold fragrance

“Hugo Red” is built around two hot and cold chords which collide. “Hugo Red” begins with the fresh and tangy combination of rhubarb and grapefruit, giving the whole composition great dynamism. Then, “Hugo Red” evolves towards a woody and fruity association thanks to the presence of cedar and pineapple. Finally, the base of “Hugo Red” is both intense and sensual and mixes tonka bean and amber to leave a most breathtaking trail!

For its 20th anniversary, the Hugo Boss brand is launching a new frangrance for Men Hugo Red…

Hugo Boss - Hugo Red

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Hugo Boss has once again raised the bar for innovation with its latest fragrance for men, HUGO Rouge. This vibrant scent features an unexpected blend of contrasting ingredients that inspires men to break away from tradition and unleash their unique creativity.

Hugo Boss – Hugo Red

2013 also marks the 20th anniversary of HUGO, a brand that has always sought to challenge traditional rules and ideals. Hugo Red is a perfect example of the brand’s creative and experimental spirit. Following in the footsteps of the iconic man HUGO – a global bestseller for almost two decades – and his immense success, HUGO Just Different, HUGO Red is destined to become a perfume classic for men.

Hugo Red – The Face

Jared Leto, the creator of this new fragrance, is known for his extraordinary creativity and unique talent. In his own words, “I think creativity and limits that push go hand in hand, and originality comes from people who are willing to take risks, to bet on themselves”.

Progressing on the pressure, Jared Leto sees life as both a journey, an adventure, actively seeking new and innovative experiences to ensure that he is constantly evolving and pushing himself to reach new heights. . “People sometimes think of pressure as having negative connotations but I think it can be a great motivator to take control and define who you are. ”Jared Leto

Hugo Red – The Perfume

“An innovative scent requires an innovative source of inspiration and HUGO Rouge is a great example of this. We wanted to create a fragrance for men that captures the idea of ​​pushing the boundaries with the behavior of cold and hot metal. The result of our contemporary creation is a blend of contrasting ingredients, full of cold and hot tension that stimulates the wearer and leaves them feeling energized and ready to challenge themselves. ”Will Andrews, P&G Fragrance Creative Team.

Le premier accord combine le pamplemousse dans la note de tête à la rhubarbe dans la note de cœur pour créer un accord amère doux avec un accent métallique qui simule la force sous-jacente du métal solide. Alors que l’accord «chaleur liquide» se caractérise par des bois de cèdre et d’ambre chaud qui se mêlent dans les notes de fond pour transmettre la chaleur et la fluidité du métal chauffé au rouge.

Hugo Boss - Hugo Red Pub
Hugo Boss – Hugo Red Pub

La transition entre les deux états du métal illustre l’idée d’adapter sous la pression intense; d’aller au-delà des limites naturelles pour créer quelque chose de nouveau et d’unique.

Hugo Red – Le Packaging

Il est peut-être la meilleure illustration de l’approche pionnière des parfums Hugo Boss mais cette fois dispose d’une touche inventive qui est nouveau dans le monde des parfums. Enduit à la pointe de thermo-chromique encre, le flacon rouge répond à la chaleur, changeant de couleur quand on le touche pour inscrire la brand unique de l’utilisateur sur le flacon.

Il n’est pas fortuit que le rouge était la couleur choisie pour représenter ce nouveau parfum. Non seulement elle est universellement reconnue comme la plus intense de toutes les couleurs, associée à l’énergie, la force, la puissance et la détermination. Elle prétend même avoir le potentiel pour provoquer un effet euphorisant physique en nous, tout comme le nouveau parfum.

Parfum Homme

Famille Olfactive : Boisé

Notes de Tête : Pamplemousse, Rhubarbe.

Notes de Coeur : Cèdre, Ananas.

Notes de Fond : Ambre, Tonka.

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