Sauvage Christian Dior Eau de Toilette

Sauvage Christian Dior Eau de Toilette

Sauvage by Dior: A raw and liberated fragrance for free men

Who better than Johnny Depp to embody the character of this open water conceived as an unconventional natural elixir? The house famous for beauty and the original character of its muses therefore offers a strong image to present a pure and powerful fragrance.

Johnny Depp the pirate and “Sauvage” by Dior, a sensual and animal cocktail

“To create Sauvage, I started with people. A frank and obvious masculinity. Like the image of a man out of fashion, out of time. »1 affirms François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator. And a single sentence, the perfumer, sums up the whole innovative concept of the fragrance. The advertising spot as well as the image of the man who would embody “Sauvage” had to be well chosen… Convincing the fabulous and intrepid Johnny Depp to become the muse of “Sauvage” was therefore obvious. Johnny Depp embodies by his original personality, the free modern man while being sophisticated and sensual.

The spot, shot once again by Mondino, a regular at Dior, is presented as a road movie where the character played by Johnny Depp, tired of the dark city in which he “cries on his guitar”, flees to the sunny deserts and the wild animals. “Sauvage” therefore represents the space and freedom found in pure and raw materials and emotions, without artifice.

“Sauvage” a perfume contrasted between luxury and sobriety

Like the man he represents , “Sauvage” is the delicate blend of sophistication and simplicity.

Its bottle is carefully designed, like all Dior bottles that are truly created to be works of art. The simplicity of the form is counterbalanced by the delicate nuances offered by the glass which is colored between night blue and black, colors very popular today. As for the fragrance, it is eager for grandiose and Mediterranean spaces and materials that are both luxurious and very natural.

The top notes offer a sky pure and void of any superficiality where the notes of Reggio di Calabria bergamot rub shoulders with the harshness and scents of Sichuan pepper and pink berries. Then Ambroxan, worthy heir to the famous ambergris, now bygone, plays with its marine, powerful and animal tones to offer fresh and sparkling citrus scents of elemi, powerfully woody and raw vetiver as well as sweet and aromatic pure lavender. The deep “Sauvage” trail of patchouli and Ambroxan persists and signs by offering a strong, natural, but also elegant and timeless composition.

“Sauvage” by Dior, plays on the contrasts and oppositions of today’s man to create a fragrance for its destination that sticks to his skin, which surprises him without unsettling him and which surprises as much as it reassures. The Dior man is “Wild” that’s for sure, but a domesticated and elegant savage that’s for sure!

“Sauvage” released in 2015 took its origin in 1966. At that time, the fragrance, then represented by the charismatic Alain Delon, was called “Eau Sauvage”. Bold for the 60s, ultra sensual and masculine, “Eau Sauvage” is a dazzling success. After many revisits, the Dior house decides to change the composition and the name somewhat, and the famous fragrance becomes “Sauvage”, represented this time by Johnny Deep. François Demachy, the official nose of Christian Dior, affirms that “Eau Sauvage” is an essence “between brutality and nobility”.

Eau Sauvage, the revisiting of a legendary fragrance by François Demachy

When it was released in 1966, “Eau Sauvage” represented the fragrance for “new men”, not used to having a perfume for them. At that time, men’s perfumes were still too rare, and men were often content with colognes. Success will then be unexpected … In 2015, François Demachy decided to reinterpret “Eau Sauvage”, which he himself had created, in “Sauvage”, even more masculine and manly. François Demachy began his career at Chanel alongside Jacques Polge. In 2006, he was hired by the LVMH group to become the appointed perfumer-creator of the Dior house. He was responsible for bringing creativity while keeping the style and values ​​of Christian Dior. François Demachy’s perfumes are unique and resolutely contemporary. We owe him very beautiful fragrances such as “Miss Dior le Parfum”, “J’adore” or “Dahlia Divin” by Givenchy.

Eau Sauvage, notes of magnificent virility

François Demachy therefore wanted a fragrance that was both strong and fragile, virile and fresh. He also wanted “Sauvage” to reconnect with the primary instinct of men. “Sauvage” will begin with the fresh and juicy notes of Calabrian bergamot, here integrated in overdose. Bergamot will nevertheless be enhanced and contrasted by Sichuan pepper or rose berries. The heart of “Sauvage” presents notes of ambroxan, which gives the composition virility, associated with marine and amber tones. Lavender will finally bring its aromatic touch, as in many men’s fragrances. The background takes us on a woody and sensual path thanks to the presence of vetiver and patchouli. The bottle has also been revamped, it is sleek and ultra contemporary, like its dazzling composition.

New name, new composition,” Sauvage “takes its origin in 1966 when it was” Eau Sauvage “. At that time, the fragrance was represented by Alain Delon, the darling of his ladies, and it is easy to understand the virility that “Eau Sauvage” exudes. François Demachy wanted to keep this virile aspect, emphasizing it even more! Even more powerful, even primary, “Sauvage” is, as its creator asserts, an essence between “brutality and nobility”.

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