Hugo Boss perfume The Scent

Hugo Boss perfume The Scent
Hugo Boss perfume The Scent

Boss The Scent, a more mature seduction game

Boss The Scent is the name of the last great fragrance from the house of Hugo Boss . If his predecessors gave us more the portrait of a man who has achieved everything professionally, this time Boss The Scent plunges us into their privacy. It is a very seductive essence, which gives us a new vision of men’s sensuality, as if they had suddenly become more mature and more attentive to their partners. Boss The Scent is a fragrance that makes seduction an art in its own right, tinged with expectation and anticipation.

Boss The Scent is a passionate and refined fragrance, which is discovered over time and which is tamed over the hours. Boss The Scent can easily be imagined worn by a man in an impeccably cut suit. It only reinforces the already asserted charisma of the wearer and plays more than ever on the territory of emotion.

Boss The Scent, a scented sensuality full of surprises

Boss The Scent is an astonishing fragrance that dares to use an ingredient that had never been used in perfumery until then: maninka fruit. Coming from South Africa, it is an aphrodisiac raw material, the scent of which is similar to that of passion fruit mixed with aromas of rum. This tangy and intoxicating mixture wonderfully conveys the force of desire which sometimes inexplicably unites two beings. Likewise, for an even more aphrodisiac side, Boss The Scent also contains ginger. Lively and spicy, it combines with the characteristic scent of lavender, a product widely used in men’s perfumery. Finally, for more sensuality and magnetism, Boss The Scent ends with a more intense breath of leather.

Théo James for Hugo Boss
Théo James for Hugo Boss

New masculine fragrance from the house of Hugo Boss, a resolutely aphrodisiac fragrance, it will make you lose control

The Scent

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By definition, the BOSS man is a brilliant man, a master in the art of seduction. A man whose strength and confidence give him an undeniable and magnetic charm, which few manage to resist. BOSS Perfumes are pleased to present their new face, who embodies all these qualities – actor Theo James, star of the Hollywood trilogy Divergent.

Theo James will join the ranks of famous BOSS Perfume Ambassadors and appear in a new global advertising campaign. His intelligence, bewitching charm and good looks make Theo James the perfect modern-day BOSS seducer, a man who instinctively understands that true seduction comes through all the senses.

BOSS Perfumes will soon unveil their incredibly captivating new fragrance for men, a sign of a new extension for the brand and the promise of an ultimate luxury experience.

“I am proud to represent BOSS Perfumes as an ambassador for their new fragrance campaign. I have loved this brand for a long time, because it has found a perfect balance between classicism and modernity. This campaign captures the iconic spirit of the brand, and reflects my tastes and my vision through an absolutely unique scent. »Theo James, BOSS Perfume Ambassador

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